Here is a comment to our last post  from our mentor, Al Ells of Leaders That Last Ministries in Mesa, AZ.   It’s a really insightful word.

Dear Roger and Gerri:

This morning in my quiet time before Dad, He reminded me of 1 Kings 9-13 where Elijah did not find his Lord in the wind, the earthquake or the fire…but in the stillness.  Stillness is the greatest preparation for intimacy.  Stillness of movement, stillness of spirit, stillness of speech and stillness of thought.  Often times the deepest imprint of our Father’s love and light comes only when we are completely still before Him.  He speaks to us and loves on us most profoundly in the quiet.

Thanks for the encouragement,


Rev. Alfred H. Ells, MC
Executive Director
Leaders that Last Ministries
1356 E. McKellips Rd., #103
Mesa, AZ 85203