I don’t know how many of you have read our eBook, titled “The Many Faces of Spiritual Rebellionbut I just got another wonderful gift of revelation from Holy Spirit about this subject, and I want to share it with you.  I was sitting here in our hotel room watching gold and I started to think about me and how many other of God’s kids resent something about how Father created us!  For me, I always resented being tall!  Because of fear, guilt, and shame I always wanted to hide!  Standing out in a crowd was the last thing I wanted, so I resented my place in life!  At the time, I didn’t realize I was in spiritual rebellion to God because He created me tall.  That kind of rebellion can be a major roadblock in our relationship with God and truly hinder our progress in fulfilling the purpose and destiny that Father has planned for us!

In the Spirit, I saw myself talking to a very special young man and I asked him if he resented being left-handed.  How about being short?  Then the download from Holy Spirit hit me!  Our God-give power to fulfill our purpose and destiny is found in accepting who we are the way God created us!  He didn’t make a mistake with me or you!  We are designed perfectly just as we are!  Remember satan’s sin was rebellion to God!  I don’t want to walk where he walks!  I am God’s son and I want to live in the glory of that reality!  I have truly repented for my rebellion.  How about you?

Please consider this.  Every time God gives us revelation it is meant to be a gift that keeps on giving – first to you and then to as many as you can pass it on to!  The potential for a life-changing experience is included with the revelation if we will embrace it!  We have the privilege to be life-giving to our world!  What could be better?  Do you want the power?  Enjoy!