“When I am striving, it’s difficult to find love,  but when I am at rest, love finds me!”  Jack Frost  

Soaking goes beyond active participation to one of just receiving from Him.  Father instructs us in His Word to “Be still and know that I am God.” Ps 46:10.  When we are at rest and peace in His presence, we can feel like we are taking a warm soothing bath “soaking” in His Love or being wrapped in a warm silky blanket of love.  We rest from all striving to deserve His acceptance and pleasure and open our heart to commune with Father and be filled with His love.  We seek a place of comfort and receive from the Holy Spirit.  As we soak, Father moves in and soothes the troubles, confusion, and pain in our heart and replaces it with His love.

Each one of us has a need and desire for intimacy and closeness to the Father.  Soaking transports you into the arms of the Father where you can feel safe and secure. In this place, your mind must become quiet and free from the busyness of this world.   Here your heart is open to receive revelation, words of wisdom, directions for your life, pictures, images, visions, answers to questions, and understanding about yourself, others and the future.  We need these times to get refreshed and refilled before we try to minister to others.  We need to minister out of the overflow in our own lives.

This is not some form of transcendental meditation, mind blanking, projection, or other occult practices of the mind.  This is about inviting Father into your heart and to know His love more deeply. You let worship rise up in your heart and give yourself to Him.  Cover yourself in prayer and the blood of Jesus Christ before you begin to ensure that the enemy has no room to interfere.  You will be under His divine protection.

Here is how to begin. Find yourself a quiet, comfortable place to sit or lie down and put on some soft instrumental music, preferably being played by someone who was in the Spirit when it was recorded or at least by Christian musicians.  This music can be found on the web and on YouTube by typing in ‘instrumental Christian soaking music’ in a search. We recommend that you do not use music with lyrics as the lyrics tend to engage your soul [your mind, intellect and emotions]. The goal here is to listen with your spirit, not your soul. Often it will bring healing and rest as you listen. Cast all of your cares and concerns of the day onto Him and begin to focus on His presence and nearness to you.  Allow your body to relax as you fix your attention on His love and goodness.  As we move away from our busy lives, our concerns and worries, the schedules and “to do” lists, our work, and the cares of this world, we can begin to feel Father’s embrace and experience His love.  As we still ourselves, His desires and will are revealed to us and we are refreshed in His presence.  You may fall asleep. Not to worry. It’s OK because the Father can still speak to your spirit when you are asleep and give you dreams and visions!

It usually takes on the average about 10 minutes just to quiet your mind and stop thinking about the day’s events or what is ahead, so plan to soak for at least 30 minutes or more.  Often the Holy Spirit comes in waves, each one taking you deeper into His presence and love, so the longer you soak the better!  If you find your mind wandering or distracted, just gently bring it back to a state of peace and rest returning your focus on Father or Jesus.  If you think of something that needs to be done later, quickly write yourself and note and then return your focus to His love covering you.

 In conclusion, EVERYONE needs to practice the art of soaking with the Father. If you never quiet yourself before Him, it is very difficult for Him to speak to your heart. His primary desire is to spend time with you – alone! Like anything of value from the Lord, soaking will cost you something – your time and effort! Salvation is a free gift but sanctification will cost you everything! Practice makes perfect, so keep at it until you find yourself longing to be in His presence so much that you realize you cannot live without it.