Lana Vawser

“Trust in the Lord completely, and not your own opinions, but with all your heart rely on Him to guide you, and He will lead you in all the decisions you make. Become intimate with Him in whatever you do, and He will lead you wherever you go…For wisdom comes when you adore Him with an awe and wonder; and avoid everything that’s wrong – for then you will find the healing refreshment your body and spirit longs for.” – Proverbs 3:5-7 (The Passion Translation)

I saw many sitting in indecision and before them was such “confusion” and “chaos” and fear was beginning to build in hearts, fear of which way the Lord was saying to go and what to do in big and small situations in life.

I saw fear beginning to bring division of heart and peace was beginning to be lost. The fear was being birthed out of an orphan spirit and “stepping in the wrong direction” and “missing out”. I sensed the Lord saying to trust Him completely, to completely rely on Him and BE AT PEACE. To KNOW that He is for you, that He is working for your good and as you ask Him for wisdom, He is leading you and will work good out of all things for you. Many of the people of God are putting so much pressure on themselves to “get it right” when He just wants you to hold TIGHTLY to His hand and nestle in close to His heart.


Lift up your hands and adore Him. Lift up your hands and worship Him despite the lack of clarity and direction that seems to be before you. As you lift up your voice and shout of praise, you will see the Lord leading you and His Word lighting your path. As you nestle into His heart, He is leading you away from all that is wrong. He is leading you further down the path of righteousness.

I saw many of the people of God before the throne of God and they were in such indecision and fear when I saw the Father and He spoke to His children “Come up here, sit with Me and let’s talk about what’s in your heart.”

The orphan spirit is attempting to rob the people of God of sharing their hearts desires with their wonderful heavenly Daddy and speaking lies that what is in their heart is of no concern. He WANTS to hear your heart. He wants to hear your DREAMS. What is in your heart matters to the Lord, and the orphan spirit is attempting to kill your dreams and steal your hearts desires. The Lord is healing this orphan spirit as you sit on His lap and He speaks His tender words of love into your ears. He is affirming you, loving you, comforting you.

“Come and dream with Me” – There is an invitation from the Father to dream with Him. As you make Him your utmost delight, snuggle into His big wonderful safe good loving arms, I saw new visions being birthed over the lives of the people of God AS they DREAMT with their heavenly Father. Healing was taking place in hearts as they saw IN the glorious plans the Father was dreaming for them was many of their hearts desires. The timing of the manifestation of these desires was held in His hand, and the hearts of His people were beginning to explode with JOY and the orphan spirit broken as a new level of “Dreaming with Daddy God” was taking place. Healing was taking place in bodies. Weariness was being broken off, bodies were being restored. Healing that was longed for was being poured out freely in His love. Healing refreshment was taking place.

“What you have dreamed of in Me and more is before you.”

All of a sudden all the fear, the despair, the confusion and indecision was melting away as the people of God took their seat on His lap without the striving, without the mental anguish (Ephesians 2:6) as they rested on His lap I saw the children of God’s eyes become SO BIG. They were WIDE EYED and AWED by His goodness. It was like they were seeing His goodness and love again for the first time. It was like they were seeing just how good their heavenly Daddy was for the first time. So childlike, so precious, so beautiful. They adored Him, they worshipped Him and loved on Him, and wisdom was being poured over their lives to make decisions that were before them, without fear knowing that they were being lead, restored and making these decisions out of a place of security and safety in a good heavenly Daddy. There was deeper trust in Him, and an assurance as they dreamt with Him, their paths were being made straight. Being led down paths of righteousness that led them to “above and beyond” what they dreamt or imagined. (Ephesians 3:20)

A turning point in their life had taken place. There was no striving. No striving in His love. Perfect love, perfect peace, perfect rest and a new land being entered into of dreaming with Him knowing they were HIS and living in such freedom in His goodness and love.