In the basket of blessing that God has given to mankind we find our gift of a free will.  Since God is good all the time, I believe all His gifts are good. What we do with them will determine whether the outcome is good or not so good. Sometimes it is a simple choice on our part.  Adam gives us evidence of our freedom to choose and the consequence of wrong choices.   Adam had no reasons except simple choice. He lived in a sinless world, in a perfect environment, with a perfect parent. All his needs were met physically, emotionally and spiritually, but he had the freedom to choose.

Even though we have not been born into a sinless world, into a perfect environment or into a perfect family, it is still our responsibility to make the right choices. There is no excuse for sin. There may be reasons why we sin, but there are no excuses. Where we have missed it, Father has provided the wonderful blood of Jesus to wash away that sin if we make the simple righteous choice necessary. If we choose not to participate in Father’s provision, that is our privilege. However, in that case we automatically choose the consequence to our sin and there is always a negative consequence to sin apart from the blood of Jesus. Remember, I am writing to the Body of Christ about our marriage relationships. Our sin is rampant, as evidenced by our trail of broken families.

Many of our struggles in our marriage relationships are simply the results of wrong choices. I believe one way to tell the difference between a wrong choice and a spiritual bondage or stronghold in our lives is that making a choice is a thinking process. We consider, then choose or decide what to do. In situations where you realize you didn’t think about it, or consider it, you just reacted and you realize after the fact that it was wrong; then I would suggest there is probably a negative spiritual dynamic in your life. Any unresolved sin on your part or any unresolved sin against you can empower wrong actions. These issues almost always have a negative impact on our ability to have healthy and Godly relationships. Obviously, these are not hard and fast rules, but simply guidelines.

Some exceptions are immediately obvious, such as suicide and divorce. Most people who commit suicide plan it. What about divorce? Wouldn’t you say that most people think about it before they do it? It should be obvious that suicidal people have unresolved emotional pain, woundedness and sin issues. That is also true in most divorce situations. Obviously then, there are consequences to the privilege of our free will. We can think what we want, believe what we want, and do what we want, but there are always consequences. If we think, believe and do wrong things it can bring destruction to our lives.

Have you noticed that no man is an island? When wrong choices bring destruction to a person’s life it almost always adversely affects other people. God, in His wisdom and purpose, created us for relationship. It is through Godly relationship that we can grow in knowledge and wisdom. It is through committed relationships that we can speak into each other’s lives and help reveal problem areas that can then be brought to the Lord for resolution. We need each other’s strengths, giftings and perceptions in the Lord to help us get free of baggage that keeps us from having true, loving and intimate relationships with each other and with God. There is nothing more important to human life than this. It’s a simple choice.