It is seldom a week goes by that we are not faced with some kind of sexual perversion during prayer ministry sessions.  It is the devil’s counterfeit for the Father’s unconditional, expressed love and it has reached epic proportions within our culture and within the church today.  The only answer to this massive love hunger issue is FATHER’S LOVE.  Below is an important article by our friend and mentor, Al Ells, from Leaders That Last.  The statistics that Al shares are indicators of how big a problem we have even within the body of Christ. 

If you are struggling with any kind of sexual perversion and the guilt and shame that accompanies these issues, we urge you to get help.  It is very seldom that one who is captive to such behaviors has the ability to break free going it alone.  If you are the victim of sexual perversion, we encourage you to get help.   He has made a way where there seems to be no way.  Don’t keep your secret in the dark another day.  Bring it out into the light with trusted prayer ministers and begin your healing journey.  Jesus came to set the captive free.  Victory and freedom are available.  We bless you to take the first step.  Call someone today.