The following teaching comes from Sapphire Leadership Group – Arthur Burk.
In my experience walking with the Lord, I have found that most born again believers have one primary redemptive gift and at least one or two minor redemptive giftings in their lives.  However as we mature in our walk with the Lord, I believe it is His desire that we become mature in all of the gifts so that Holy Spirit may call on any gift at any time within each person as He sees the need. My comments and experience with these giftings are in green.

PROPHET – Moody. Articulate. Passionate. Generous. Intense. Keen sense of justice and righteousness. Loves the underdog. Ideologically driven. Creative. Judgmental. Extreme.
The redemptive gift of Prophet is very different from the gift of prophesying. While prophets understand the future through revelation, those with the redemptive gift of Prophet understand the future through the use of Biblical principles.

I know this gift well.  I live with one!  The descriptions are accurate and I might add that the one who walks in the redemptive gift of Prophet is usually not well liked even within the Body of Christ.  They are designed with God’s DNA to not necessarily be your favorite person to be around, but rather they are designed to be the one who can rightly discern good and evil and warn you of both.  It is wise to press into this redemptive gift and listen carefully.  It’s also wise to love on them big with Father’s love!

SERVANT – Diligent. No enemies. Joyous. Helpful. Alert. Hospitable. High spiritual authority. Low self image. Impeccably honest. Team player. Prone to the victim spirit.
God gives the redemptive gift of Service the highest level of spiritual authority because they can be trusted to use it for the Kingdom instead of for themselves. However, until the Servant sees himself as God sees him, that gift of spiritual authority remains underutilized.

I recall two very strongly anointed Servants in my life. I watched their gifting be used and abused especially by other ministry leaders in their lives.  They both were extreme co-dependents and their servant hood became idolatry in their lives.  See Downfall of the Servant Gifting.

TEACHER – Need to validate truth. Processes slowly. Deep family loyalty. Sees the big picture. Sense of humor. High authority over predator spirit. Intimacy is a major birthright of the Teacher. When the teacher focuses on doctrine rather than on Father, it leaves the church losing.
When I think of the redemptive gift of Teacher, one particular person comes to mind.  This person had yet to discover how to apply the Father’s love to their gifting.  They had great potential, yet the amount of time spent validating the truth in God’s word led them to know well the Word of God, yet not know well the God of the Word.  Intimacy was their birthright, but it had yet to be discovered.

EXHORTER – People person. Obsessive compulsive. Verbally expressive. High energy. In motion. Loves change. Dramatic. Melodramatic. Superb teacher. Natural leader. Fun. Late. Real late. While the Exhorter is the most spontaneously relational of all the gifts, his/her real strength is revealing the nature of God. The Exhorter has an unparalleled ability to see God in Scripture and to cause us to see our world differently because we have a bigger perspective of God.
Here I am!  My secondary redemptive gifting is that of an Exhorter.  Everything you see in the characteristics are me except perhaps for the last one…late.  Real late.  That is because I live with one who is the primary gift of Prophet.  He is meticulously always on time and that helps keep me on time!

GIVER – Private. Intuitive. Insightful. Cautious. Chameleon. Good listener. Very independent. Impulsive. Stable. Contradictory. Frugal. Unpredictable. Multifaceted. Devoid of shame. Family focused.
The gift of Giving has the amazing ability to adapt to almost any situation without being changed at all. While they seem to fit in well, they typically retain all their core values rather than embrace the values of the community around them.

In my life’s experiences so far I can clearly identify two redemptive giftings of Giver.  Both of these people are men who are private, intuitive and cautious. They are excellent listeners and what stands out the most to me in both of these men is that everything they touch seems to turn to money!  That part of their gifting allows them to be ferocious, extravagant  givers and PITFH has been blessed beyond measure through their gift of Giver!

RULER – Busy. Real busy. Thinks big. On time. Reliable. Leader. Fearless. Not easily swayed. Visionary. Team builder. Multi tasks easily. Reads people well.
The Ruler has the highest ability to get maximum effectiveness out of a poor labor pool. God has graced them with a combination of love and wisdom that enables the mature Ruler to accomplish extraordinary things with a team that appears to be highly inadequate.

I believe that this is Roger’s secondary redemptive gifting. Before entering ministry, Roger was a Superintendent of Parks for a large city in California.  I watched him even before he was born again accomplish great things in the work place to the praise of many around him at that time.  He continues to be a visionary with a huge vision for PITFH!

MERCY – Intuitive. Intuitive. Intuitive. Safe. Sensitive. Loves beauty. Defines the ambiance. No enemies. Works hard. Hugely compliant. Stubborn in the nicest sort of way.
The gift of Mercy is dramatically different than the previous six gifts. The Mercy hears God with his/her heart while the others tend to hear God with their mind. God uses the gift of Mercy to bring the spiritual climate into right alignment through the blessing of presence.

Here is my primary redemptive gifting.  I absolutely adore the blessing of His Presence and enjoy bringing others into that Presence through leading worship.  Each description describes me.  I intuitively know the Presence of Father, Son and Holy Spirit…I just know Him in my ‘knower!’  When I wrote and recorded Intimation to Intimacy, it was the gift of Mercy that clearly defined the ambiance of Heaven in that work.

                   Invitation to Intimacy

This project began when I asked Father in my quiet time to take me into the Heavenlies with Him. I simply journaled what I saw and the conversations I had with Him. It was not until later that I realized Father was doing something very significant in my life and that He wanted me to share it with my world. The entries are written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the content has not been edited. ~ Gerri

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