We had a surprise this last week.  Rog went to our optometrist on Wednesday for his usual checkup for new glasses.  We were surprised to learn that he must have cataract surgery on both eyes.  The doctor scheduled us with an appointment on Friday to see the surgeon.  His surgeries are set for August 22nd and September 5th. 
Generally this is a pretty common surgery and recovery time is short.  The surgeon did tell us that his eyes did not dilate well and if that happens on surgery day, it could mean a much more complex surgery – five incisions in the eye as opposed to one.  In that event, the surgery would take longer, the recovery would be more lengthy and the risks of the surgery would increase by 50%.
We are asking for your prayer support now as we seek the Lord for 1)  a good dilatation of the eye on both surgery days, 2) NO allergy cough, 3) NO complications from surgery and 4) NO surprise expenses. 
Like many other small churches and ministries, our income this year has dropped by 1/3 and we have had to use personal finances to keep going.  We have used all of our reserve working on healing from the black mold and its many complications.  The surgeon’s office did bless us with samples of the eye drops that will be necessary before and after the surgery.  That gift has saved us between $400 – $600.   Thank You, Father. 
We did have a miracle.  When Rog was seen 1 1/2 yrs ago for new glasses, the doctor detected some Macular Degeneration.  During the visit on Wednesday, she said she could find no trace of the Macular Degeneration.  She also told us that in all her years of practice she’d never seen this happen.  Once it begins it just continues to progress.  NOT SO here!  We are thanking Him for this miracle!  This was also confirmed by the surgeon when he examined him yesterday!  To God be the glory!