Roger’s Journal

6/15/16 10 pm

Daddy, do you have anything to say to me tonight? Is there anything I need to know?

Father: Son, I have spoken to you about the Heavens and about My Kingdom. I have spoken to you about judgment for sin. I have spoken to you about life and love and now I speak to you about grace.   Grace is the reason man is not destroyed when he sins. Grace interacts between love and judgement to offer opportunity and life. Grace measures the response in each life and determines our response. Love is unmistakable. Judgment is without reason or contemplation and grace abounds in each life. It takes longer and is harder for a person to receive My judgement than My love. Grace sees to that. Grace exudes compassion. Love exudes affection and judgment exudes finality. Grace initiates warnings of pending judgment and love hopes for a proper response. Judgement is patient and waits upon My decision. Grace is mankind’s ultimate friend. Behold, My grace is offered. You hold the key to My response. What shall it be grace, judgement, love or destruction? Grace will measure your response. Father.

The following morning I re-read what is above and as I began to put it away, Father said, “Do you want the rest?”

“Yes, I do.” I said.

Behold I offer you the best robe and sandals and a ring for your finger that symbolizes My covenant with man. I offer you My heart of love and all the benefits available to My family members. I offer you life that you do not and cannot deserve except by the blood of Jesus. By His blood your fare has been paid. Behold I stand at the door of the heart of man, your very existence and I knock. I knock loudly and repeatedly hoping for a friendly response; hoping that My warnings have reached their target. Grace says come. Love says soon, and judgment says behold I am inevitable unless you repent and humble yourselves. I offer you a Kingdom to replace your squalor and life to replace your inevitable death. I offer you an eternity of love and acceptance to replace all abandonment and rejection. What does the world offer you that can compare with Me? Worldly riches are nothing but a burden unless they are used for My purposes. Love hunger cannot be satisfied by worldly gain and wealth cannot heal your woundedness. If you will accept My invitation and take the first, righteous step I will be there to encourage and strengthen you for the remainder of your transformational journey. Life is love and love is life – My gift to you. Father