As darkness puts a growing strangle hold on society, the word ‘outrage’ will become common place. The American people have sowed, now the reaper will come and outrage will spill over into the streets. Catastrophic events will result in outrage as darkness blinds leadership with incompetence. Confusion will reign at every turn. It will seem as if everyone is against you. Fear and gnashing of teeth will eventually turn to anger and rage; lashing out each man against his neighbor, family against family. The coming poverty will be physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. The common question will be ‘where did our life go?’ Lost like little children, many will be ripe for resolution of their struggles. This is where My remnant will step forward and offer solutions. The miraculous will become common-place also and the truth will set multitudes free. My Kingdom will expand like a wild fire pushed by strong winds. Many will be humbled in an instant and enlist in My army on the spot. New life is contagious. Hope dispels darkness and love conquers all. Even the most hardened will melt in the presence of My love. Take heart, My children, for you also will be overwhelmed at your role amidst all the chaos. When you speak what I give you to speak it will hit the mark every time. Your obedience will be more important than ever. Make sure you adhere to My timetable. You will have the opportunity to live in wonderland surrounded by the unexplainable. The power of our agenda will excite and overwhelm you as you move through the maze of humanity and watch miraculous transformations happen right before your eyes. Love poured out will result in grace and humility flowing freely pushing back the darkness. My children, I say to you now, no matter what the circumstances look like around you, we win. I guarantee it! My love to you all, Father