Rain drops are falling on your head, but if you look up you’ll see not a cloud in the sky. The rain drops are tears from legions of angels weeping over the Godless condition of humanity. It is heart breaking for all of us to watch as generations of struggle have led to this end. Godless choices always lead to Godless consequences. Humanity has become an abomination, a stench in My nostrils, but you, My children, are the exception. You have privilege and responsibility. You have the privilege to hear My voice and you have the responsibility to carry out your purpose and destiny that I have designed for you. It is time for you to hear My clarion call and come to Me, take up your Heavenly assignment and work with Me to save as many people as we can. We are not powerless in the face of the darkness that looms before us. We are conquerors if we will come together and fight the good fight of faith. My love will build your faith and equip you to war and win. My love will establish you as a supernatural child of Mine carrying the weapon of our warfare into the trenches where souls are won or lost. Love is your conquering declaration that breaks in pieces the most stubborn resistance. There are multitudes who are determined in their godless pursuits. They will not hear. Yet there are many, who are lost and confused and are ripe for revelation and desperate for satisfaction of their love hunger. Feed the hungry, My children, feed the hungry and they will follow after you to freedom in My Kingdom. You are Mine and I am yours. Be strong. Be courageous and follow My lead. We are more than conquerors together.   ~ Father