6/29/2016               Roger: Daddy I don’t know how You can be so patient with mankind.

Father: “Well, son, My patience has run out! I have asked Jesus to step in and bring righteous judgment on My behalf. The melting down of Godless societies will now accelerate. Their idolatrous comfort zones will crumble under their feet. Trouble will now find leadership. Most of them have felt untouchable. That is no longer true. As leadership panics the people’s foundation will crumble. The chaos will not be silent and satan will be on hand to fan the flames of upheaval. This is the ugly beginning of My righteous judgment against a people purposing evil and wickedness. Ignoring My warnings will have severe consequences of which there is no escape! Peace in the midst of chaos will be jaw-dropping to many and some will see My miraculous exploits and still not surrender their control and humbly come to Me. Safety and security will essentially disappear and the atmosphere will be ripe for an invasion of terror. The mental stress will be overwhelming. Overnight many will exhibit symptoms of late state Alzheimer’s. Society will be overwhelmed with confusion. Son, I realize I am painting an ugly picture, but this is reality. Man has made it very clear that he will not submit to My authority, so I will hold back no longer. Jesus has My instructions and He will carry them out in detail. There will be no ark for salvation for those who are determined to reject Me. In the midst of all this destruction and chaos, many will humble themselves and cry out to Me. That is where you come in, son. You and Gerri and many more like you will be there to put your arms around these newbies and love them to life. I will shepherd them to you and you will bring them to Me. You see, we are the dream team, aren’t we? Never fear. I am here.” Daddy