In re-reading my journal, I came across this entry and I felt it should be posted now.

My Children:

There is a place where the air is pure. It has been decontaminated to enhance clarity of thought and purity of spirit. It is called My Kingdom. I have told you repeatedly that it is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, yet you seem to prefer the world and its contamination. What must I do to help you realize that your rightful place as My Child is My Kingdom? It is your inheritance from Me. It has been prepared for you in detail. This is a now thing and it is extremely important. I have warned you of very difficult days ahead, yet you do not listen. Your self-centeredness, your stubbornness, and your rebellion will involve you in the pain of the judgment that is just ahead. Take this opportunity to make your necessary course corrections now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Repent now and step into your inheritance. The purity and clarity of the atmosphere will bless you as you enter new life. You will find My love awaits you in dimensions beyond your dreams. My Children together we soar and succeed, but without Me you are incomplete. So I say again, My Kingdom awaits you. Your inheritance from Me awaits you. Your purpose and destiny await you. Most of all, I wait for you! Your loving