6/26/16 10 PM

Roger: “Daddy do You have anything to say to me tonight?”

Father: “Yes, My son, I am pregnant with power and anointing, with gifts of all kinds, with revelation, with instruction and direction, with joy unspeakable, with healings and with multiple diversities of calling and destiny! Do you know anyone who might enjoy receiving what I plan to birth? Do you know anyone who might be willing to purify themselves so they might carry the holy blessings to their intended destinations? Some of My chosen must step forward in humility and grace to receive the gifts that are birthed and work with Me to ensure they accomplish their purpose. More of the details of the Mercy Season will be revealed and become more evident as this birthing takes place. Holy! Holy! Holy! I birth that which is holy! The profane will be destroyed if they touch it. The religious will cringe and run if they see or hear what I am about to do! But in My family My children will rejoice in My birthing the new and their joy will be contagious and fruitful. My labor has begun. Birth is imminent! Look up! New life! New days! New ways are upon you. Come close. Let’s celebrate together.” Daddy