Roger’s Journal 6/17/16 10 pm

High minded and influenced by worldly possessions, religious leaders play bait and switch with unsuspecting people.   They speak of Me, but all the while manipulate the people to themselves. Their focus is prosperity, position and power. They do not seek Me because they have no room for Me in their agenda. Their view of life revolves around self-centered gain. They knowingly deceive their simple, but faithful followers. Woe unto you liars, hypocrites. Woe unto you!

For those of you My children who are leaders of My true church, I honor you for taking the fruit of our relationship and presenting it to your people. You bring them the opportunity for true love and life beyond earthly measure. Such good and powerful gifts spread naturally person to person. Lift up your heads and smell the sweetness, the fragrance of Kingdom living. A victorious life not measured by position, power or possessions, but by My grace abounding in and through each person. I am proud of you, My children. Arise and take our relationship into the darkness and rescue as many as you can. I am with you always, even as close as your breath. Arise and know I will not leave you or forsake you.