As most of you know, Father has asked us to focus during the months of October, November and December on our physical healing from the black mold.  The end of September we embarked on an intensive detox protocol to get rid of the black mold poisoning.  As this journey has continued, we have found that it is taking more and more physical strength to follow through with this protocol. 

As we enter the month of December we have a scheduled vacation time the last two weeks of the year.  In addition, we have made the decision to rest from all ministry during this month.  We believe this will help us more fully focus on getting well and in addition, spend time seeking Him for direction for the New Year.   There will be no December Webinar.   

As we look at Jesus’ ministry, we are reminded that Father spoke to Him about ‘coming apart’ from ministry to rest and seek Him.  So….we are ‘coming apart’ before we ‘come apart!’  We want to thank so many of you who have prayed for us and with us during these past days.  There has been a very active frontal attack from the enemy to try and keep us down and discouraged, but we are still here, still kickin’ and ever loving you for standing with us.  We remind you that the devil may win a battle or two, but he certainly does NOT win the war!  We appreciate your prayers and your support during this time. 

While we may not be engaging in ministry efforts in the coming days, that does not mean that we would not love hearing from you, receiving a phone call or a visit.   We will be celebrating Father’s love during the holiday season.  We pray you will be doing the same.

A very Merry Christmas to all,
Roger and Gerri