This title came in a flash while I was watching TV. The neon lights came on and captured my attention. I love it when the Holy Spirit does things like that! As I pondered the phrase, I began to realize that when Jesus invaded my space and saved me He was rescuing me from myself. Who was driving my bus? Self was driving my bus and it was out of control heading for a cliff and more hell than I had already lived!

Although I had an immediate love relationship with Jesus and my bus made a sharp course correction toward Him, self was still driving the bus! Boy did I have a lot to learn! Because of Father’s love and grace for me, He slowly and continually revealed hidden things in my life that empowered self and hindered my ability to release control and let Him take the driver’s seat of my bus. Because fear was one of the major motivators in my life, it made giving up control more difficult. Therefore fear had to be conquered and the process began. Because love hunger was dominate in my life, it had to be satisfied so faith could take the leadership role. Love empowers faith!  Lust for love, money, things, position, peace, success, security and compliments and lust for freedom from fear, self-hatred, anger, and love hunger were constant, insatiable drivers of self. These are the things Jesus was rescuing me from. Through the years He brought revelation, impartation, correction and implementation of the healing necessary to break the back of self and allow me to move more into my rightful place as a Child of the Most High God!

Prior to meeting Jesus, self that was driving my bus was my soul that is my mind, intellect and emotions. I had no clue that I had a human spirit and that it should be functioning, contributing and leading my life course. It wasn’t until 2006 that Father miraculously introduced us to Arthur Burk and our journey of discovery began regarding our personal spirit and the role it should have in our lives. When we are born again, our spirit is made alive unto God, in other words we make the spiritual connection necessary to walk and live in the spirit realm where God is. Our individual purpose and destiny designed by God will be discovered in the spirit realm and then manifested in the natural. To be successful as Children of the Most High God, our human spirit must be acknowledged, nurtured, given top priority and when necessary called out of hiding to take its rightful place of authority in our lives. In other words, it needs to begin to drive our bus. Our human spirit connected to the Holy Spirit will keep our bus on the right road leading to Father’s design for each of us. Victory can be ours if we will intimately partner with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our bus will be at the right place and at the right time to accomplish our responsibilities born out of our love relationship with God. My sincere blessings to you as you consider who is driving your bus and where you need to be rescued!