Webster’s Definition of RESCUED: to free from confinement, danger, or evil:  save, deliver

Stop and think about it. How many times have we been rescued? How many times has Father made provision to save us from something? Do we always accept His provision for our rescue? Why should we even consider the subject? Well, perhaps gratitude would be a good place to start. If we are born again, are we not indebted to God for making it possible for us to have a life-changing relationship with Him; moving from a life in the flesh to a life in the Spirit; moving from a natural life to a super natural life? We should be constantly moving from living for ourselves to living for Him. In other words, we should be putting Him in charge, actually yielding our lives to His Lordship and leadership.

As this word ‘rescued’ came up in me, I began to think about how many ways I have been, and continue to be, rescued in my 40 years as a Christian. Let’s see now…I have been rescued from Hell! WOW! I have been, and continue to be rescued, from self-centeredness, shame, fear, lust, anger, low self-esteem and self-hatred, demons I allowed into my life through my sin, lies that I live by, vows and judgments against others, wounding from my past, unforgiveness, bitterness, back biting, covetousness, and jealousy. Whew! Let’s see. Is that enough or is there more? Oh yeah, I am being rescued from religion and from generational curses, from ungodly beliefs and attitudes about many things. Bottom line is I am being rescued from myself! I am slowly, but surely, being transformed into the person Father created me to be. He is imparting a completely new view of life and living rooted in His love for me and His creation.

So, since I am being rescued “from” all these and other things, I believe I am being rescued “for” something. What do you think? Are you being rescued? Do you need to be rescued? Have you ever been rescued from a bad decision, maybe a bad relationship or a bad business deal? Did Father have anything to do with your rescue? If so, have you thanked Him? If we are being rescued from darkness and bondage (and everything I listed represents darkness and bondage) then I believe we are being rescued “to” and “for” love and freedom in Father.

When I look back at my list above of things I am being rescued from and I consider the opposite of each one, I get a glimpse of the life that is available to me and you in Father. Look back at my list. What are the opposites? The opposite of hell is obviously Heaven. Thank You so much! The opposite of living self-centered is living God-centered. The opposite of living in shame is living in honor as a Child of the Most High God. The opposite of living in fear is living in faith and at peace. The opposite of living in lust which is self-centered is living in love which is God-centered. You get the picture!

Now what about your list? What are you being rescued from? What do you yet need to be rescued from? Why not take a risk and ask Holy Spirit to help you with your list. Then when you consider the opposites, you will begin to get a picture of the new you and what your future looks like in God’s eyes. He has made all provision for all of our needs for a complete rescue operation. Join me?