Note:  In August and September 2011 we did live webinars entitled “Religion vs Relationship – Part 1 and Part 2.  These  webinars are posted on our website.  If you’d like to view them,  Click Here.

To add a bit more to the mix, please read the comments below on Religion vs Relational Life by Wayne Jacobsen.  They further help us to see the differences between religion and relationship. 

Religion conforms people to a system; relational life frees them to trust in God.

 Religion divides people by preference and perspective; relational life celebrates the incredible diversity in God’s family.

Religion bores people with routine; relational life is as fresh as a new conversation with an endearing friend.

 Religion rewards image and pretense; relational life demands honesty and reality.

 Religion provides substitutes for the active presence of Jesus in people’s lives; relational life focuses on that presence alone.

 Religion sacrifices people for the good of the institution; relational life teaches people how to live together as Father’s family.

 Religion uses what God says and does for its own agenda; relational life allows God to set the agenda and for us to simply follow Him.

Religion leaves us able to boast about how much we’re doing or how hard we’re working; relational life finds joy only in celebrating God’s work among us.

Religion finds love inefficient and cumbersome; relational life embraces love as the heart of God’s working.