Thursday, September 02, 2021
I was praying recently about different situations where I or someone we run with needs to see breakthrough when the Lord interrupted my prayers and said, “You are praying and believing too small. I have so much more for you.” I was taken aback by this at first because I consider myself to be a huge dreamer. I consider myself to be a person who constantly believes for the impossible and is always setting big goals while pursuing the destiny God has for me. However, I responded to the Lord and said, “Lord, I want you to come expand my thinking and my faith and my expectations. I want every single thing you have for me.”

Then the Lord began to remind me of all the prophetic words and promises He has given me that have yet to come to pass. Then He spoke this to me, “Recover all.” When I heard this, I knew exactly what it meant. I also knew when the Lord said this that this was a word not just for me but for so many others. Many in the body of Christ are about to enter into a season where they will recover all!

You need to remind yourself of all of the prophetic words that you’ve been given over the year that have yet to come to pass because this is a season where you will start to see each of those come to fruition! Every prophetic promise that you have not seen fulfilled will be recovered and manifested.

Many believers have endured setbacks, delays, and have seen the enemy steal so much from them in past seasons. But get ready my friends, because in this season, expect to recover all! You will recover all spiritually, financially, in your physical health, in your relationships and in your time and resources. In whatever area or situation where the enemy has robbed you, it is payback time!

Everything the enemy has stolen from you will be restored, and then some! When the enemy steals from you, he must give it back but with interest. You will not just recover everything that has been taken but more and better will be restored to you!

This is a recover all season. The enemy never goes to battle where there are no spoils and you are about to see recompense and restoration where he has taken from you. Position yourself and be expectant. Don’t be weary or discouraged. There can be so much pain and disappointment in seasons where it looks like the enemy has taken so much. But I’m telling you, you will surely recover everything you think you’ve lost and more in this season! Get ready to recover all!