On October 3, 2017 the ranch was listed for sale.  On October 6th Gerri and Linda, a member of our Intercessory Prayer Team went to the ranch perimeter  to pray, saw the for sale sign and Father said, “It is time for you to get on the property and pray.”  We followed through on that instruction, but immediately hit a wall of confusion and chaos among the owners, the investors and the bankruptcy court.  82 days later on December 27, 2017, we were granted permission to do a sales tour of the ranch.  The Acquisition Team that accompanied us was our realtor and long time personal friend, our intercessor Linda and our CPA and financial advisor.  We met with the listing agent and the security guard who gave us access to the land.
To try and explain to you the magnitude of spiritual blessing that rested upon us all as we walked the land is impossible.  After the tour Father said, “When you set your feet upon the land you released unseen forces from the Kingdom of Heaven that has ushered in the acquisition of the land.”
On January 3, 2018 we again met with the folks that toured the land with us along with our banker, and long time personal friend who is also a financial advisor to PITFH.  The purpose of this meeting was to have a time to share with each other what each had experienced during the tour, and share insights and expertise as to where we needed to go next.  The meeting was very productive and the decision was made to move forward and contact an attorney who has been highly recommended to us by two members of our Acquisition Team.  In addition, we have been going over several reports on the ranch such as a former appraisals, and EPA report, county documents, etc.  Several things are being considered in prayer.  First, the potential of an outright offer to purchase the property.  Second, the potential of approaching the investors to make a charitable donation of the property in lieu of a tax write off and third, watching carefully what the Lord might do to surprise us with none of the above but a plan strictly of His own choosing!
We are very excited that things are now moving, and at a rapid pace, with respect to the acquisition of the land hopefully this Spring.
We ask all of you to pray with us and re-read ‘The Vision’ outlined on the website under ‘About Us. ‘ Revival is coming and we want to be positioned to help usher it into our area and see it go from individuals, to regions and to the nations of the world.  Will you help us see this accomplished?
Resting Assured,
Roger, Gerri and Team