Recently we had the privilege of ‘graduating’ a client from prayer ministry.  She spent approximately 4 months in weekly sessions working through her strongholds and woundedness issues and learning how to receive the Father’s unconditional love for her.  She has made wonderful progress and is totally enjoying her new life of freedom.

She has now returned to college to get her degree.  One of her first assignments was to write a paper and explain which affected her most growing up, the environment or heredity.  We were so moved by her writing, that we asked if we could post it here.  With B’s permission, here it is:

I read in the Bible a short time ago
How the sins of the father they do afect us, don’t you know
For years Momma, I wondered
Why my love for you was not strong
And then I discovered it’s because you did me wrong.

You see, Momma gave birth to me
But I wasn’t her chosen one
From generation to generation that became my dreadful song.
A time of sorrow, pain and misery
Was passed on to me
Oh Momma, Momma didn’t you see?

I remember growing up was very difficult indeed
Environment or heridity, which one really impacted me?
What Momma did to me, I in turn did to my daughters, Brittney and Tee Tee
Rejection is an ugly thing
It’s brought me and my daughters much shame.
They say ‘what you don’t know can’t hurt you’,
But don’t believe that lie.
The pain was internal, it did affect our lives.

Hey, but I found the solution for what’s been ailing me.
Jesus came to give me peace, hope and joy.  It’s my destiny.
I went to see a counselor.  He instilled in me –
To open my heart everyday to love and intimacy.

Momma I forgive you, for you didn’t know.
Tee Tee and Brittney you’ve got to let it go.
As for me I can see clearly now.  No more pain.
Looking  towards the future there is sunshine mixed with rain.
Rain is a good thing.  It cleanses and washes over me
Because now the sins of the father no longer affect me.