This past couple of weeks we both have been going through another peel of our healing onion.  Our journey continues as Father is taking us back to issues we have visited in the past, but now He says it is time for another peel of life’s onion!  After one particular session with the Lord, where we both received some great healing, were pretty tired.  We decided to tune in on a Gaither video.  The following song began to play and touched us both so deeply in our spirits that Rog said to me, “Ger, I believe Father is speaking to me that we should make this the theme song of Places In The Father’s Heart.”  I agreed immediately.  We’d like you to take a few minutes and listen carefully as the Gaither Vocal Band and Signature Sound come together in this stunning performance of I THEN SHALL LIVE.  Our hope is that its lyrics and melody will move you deeply within your spirit, and that you will make this YOUR theme song.

Resting in Father’s Embrace,
Roger and Gerri