Are you striving for perfection in your relationship with God? Do you think He is expecting perfection from you? Do you really think He is so foolish that He would expect perfection from an imperfect source? If you think He is expecting perfection from you, then you are misjudging Him. If you are striving for perfection from yourself, you are on a self-defeating, dead end road! Constant failure and constant self-criticism and condemnation invite many other negative emotions that satan loves to exploit and beat you up with. You will wind up abusing yourself and those around you. You will fail God, yourself and your family and friends because performance for perfection is a relationship killer.

Should be try to give Father our best? Of course, we should, but we should never let our love hunger drive us in an attempt to achieve perfection. On the other hand, performance for God that is born out of a personal, intimate love relationship should not include striving to reach an unattainable goal. When Father’s true love is our motivation, it empowers us to serve in peace, rest and faith. Our purpose and destiny are secure in Him. If we make loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit our number one priority in life, we will gladly follow His instructions and we will be a fruitful child of God fulfilling our purpose and destiny in Him. At the same time, His love flowing through us to our loved ones can be blessings beyond our imagination.

No, Brothers and Sisters, perfection is not expected by our Father. He simply wants to love us to life so we live for Him in His Kingdom on earth in the supernatural realm where He is. This is our inheritance by the blood of Jesus; our rightful place of service as His kids. His love is our strength and power that leads to success and fulfillment of our purpose and destiny as He has planned it. Why not try a better way? Lay down your striving for perfection and your insatiable performance and just enjoy being loved on for a while. Rest, relax and enjoy the fruit of new life in love. He will see that you get where He wants you when He wants you there. You will become a new person from the inside out because His love is transformational. It is miraculous and He is available to us all. Life is love and love is life, so says our God and Father. Amen