Are you seeing and hearing from Heaven’s realm or are you seeing and hearing the chatter of the world’s voices? The former comes from a heart that is filled with the Father’s love and one having an intimate relationship with Him. Perfect love casts out all fear. The latter comes from a heart of fear, false evidence that appears real and one that is most likely dipping its hand in religion rather than relationship with Father. We cannot walk in both places.

Often the question arises how does one receive the Father’s love? It is by impartation of the Father, Himself or through another son or daughter of the Most High God who has already received and is walking in His love. Then it simply is a matter of receiving it by faith, and believing that we have received. The greatest thing that stands in the way of our receiving His love is our own personal strongholds and our self-centered perception that we don’t need any help with those strongholds. We never, ever see with complete clarity our own ‘stuff’. If we will walk in a transparent attitude with others around us, mentors and spiritual fathers and mothers, and especially our spouses, giving them full permission to speak into our lives what they see – positive and negative – we will position ourselves to receive the impartation of His love for us in its fullness.

Receiving that love often comes in spiritual layers – ‘pain out, love in’ as the late Jack Frost used to tell us. I can also tell you that strongholds behave the same way. The Lord often deals with our strongholds like you peel the layers of an onion…here a little, there a little until they are gone. It takes persevering faith to see them go in their entirety and over time.

The more our strongholds go the more of Father’s intimate love we receive and the more we can peer into Heavens realm and see and hear from His perspective. There is earthly chatter all around us all the time and we must learn how to turn off the chatter from the world and listen to His voice.   He said to me back in 2014 that He wants our undivided attention. There is also a great deal of earthly chatter coming out of the organized church today. It is also equally important that we learn to discern what Father is saying even through His well-meaning saints.

More and more I am troubled by some of what I hear coming from those well-meaning people. For example, I cringe when I hear a strong-armed tactic riddled with fear that say everyone must do ‘this thing or that thing’ to prepare for what is coming. I do not believe that Father will speak the same things across the board to His children. I believe where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty and that He will direct some to do this and others to do something totally different. If we are walking in a Godly attitude of living more for others than living for ourselves, what we do we will be doing not only for ourselves and our families, but we will also be living for those around us, living in a spirit of generosity with what Father blesses us with. For example, I believe that He will call some to garden and preserve the fruits of their labors. For those called by Him to do so, there will be a special anointing on their gardens and they will produce great harvests…enough for themselves and enough for others that Father will have them share with. I do not hear God calling me to start gardening and saving food for the end times. I do hear Him calling me toward the vision of a retreat and training center for the end times. I am not lazy because I don’t sense He wants me to start gardening. I am simply following His lead and trusting Him to make provision for us in all He has called us to do. I will let those who are anointed to garden and preserve do what they do well. Frankly, I’m not interested in getting dirt under my fingernails and see all my efforts go in vain because I don’t have the anointing to garden and preserve the fruits of my labor! I know some who are called, appointed and anointed for gardening and everything they stick in water or in the ground roots and flourishes! I bless them in their anointing and encourage them to go after it. Please, let’s all give each other the liberty to do what Father is calling each of us to do, and refrain from using strong-armed, fear inducing tactics on each other or judge each other because we are not all doing the same thing.

In these days of wars, and rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, persecution, terrorism, etc., (Mt 24:6) I want to peer into the Heavenly realm to see and hear what Father is doing and saying. I’m going to do my best to refrain from listening to the chatter of the world, even the chatter that comes from other well-meaning brothers and sisters in the Lord. Jesus told us in the passage in Matthew 24, “See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not the end yet.” Listen carefully, Dear Reader, if you succumb to fear, you will miss Him and all He has planned for you in building His Kingdom.

In summary, let’s focus on Father and His love, work on getting rid of the strongholds of our souls, be humble and transparent allowing others around us to speak freely into our lives without fear of reprisal, and then receive the impartation of His love in greatest measure. Remember, strongholds and pain OUT and LOVE IN! The more we walk in receiving and giving His love away, the more we walk in His Kingdom which is RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE AND JOY IN THE HOLY GHOST, but we cannot give away what we have not received.

Seeking to see and hear from a Heavenly perspective,