When our heart is self-centered we usually struggle in our relationship with God and find pleasure in the world. However, when our heart becomes God-centered we usually struggle with the world and find pleasure in our relationship with God! Are you up for the challenge of defeating self-centeredness?

The transition from living in the flesh my way (self-centeredness) to living in the Spirit Father’s way can be rewarding, fulfilling and exciting and also difficult, stressful and aggravating as you make the journey. Breaking the habits of living by the flesh can be an arduous task; however learning to live in the spirit brings Heaven to earth. Father makes it all possible to those who are committed to life for and with Him.

Born again Christians who continue to live for themselves in the flesh, self-centered and in the world destine themselves to live as paupers when all the time they are royalty in the family of God living far beneath their station, privilege, inheritance and birthright!