Do you ever wonder if righteous living pays any dividends?
Here at PITFH we have four important core values:  Integrity, Character, Honor and Loyalty.  In order to lead from those values, we have to live by them.
Let’s  take a look at them individually:
Integrity:  A firm adherence to a code of moral values.  This means living by God’s instruction in thought, word and deed without any division but in a state of completeness.
Character: A feature that makes up and distinguishes an individual.  In other words, who you are on the inside when no one is looking and always remaining firm in who you are.
Honor:  Placing others before yourself and in return others honor, respect and esteem you without your asking or expecting them to.  Maintaining a good name while others openly esteem you.
Loyalty:  Here we find two types of loyalty.  Human loyalty and Kingdom loyalty, each producing their own results. Human loyalty will require you to be loyal to one at the expense of another and it will cost you your inheritance. Kingdom loyalty will never require you to be loyal to one at the expense of another and it will lead you to your destiny.
We could sum up by saying that these four values equal our righteousness.  Of course, this is only a partial list.
Holy Spirit has often shared with me that my righteousness pays huge dividends. For example, when I finish my grocery shopping, do I replace the cart to its designated area, or do I just leave it by my vehicle for someone else to do?  When chickens are on sale so many per customer, do I cheat on the coupon and buy more than allowed?  When someone gives me incorrect change (not often anymore because the computers figure it out!), do I graciously let them know of their mistake, or do I put the unsanctified gift in my pocket and leave without saying anything?  Righteousness pays big dividends in the Kingdom!  No one may be looking but Father knows and sees all!  Does your integrity and character rise up in these situations and in others like them and whisper, “Righteousness pays big dividends!”
Honor…how often to you give it away to someone who is deserving of it? If we give it where it is undeserved it is called flattery!  Honor should be something we do often. It should be something that we look for opportunities to give away in our day to day lives.  It should be something we pray about by asking Father, “Who would you have me honor today?”  It should be something we train ourselves to be on the lookout to give away.  For example, Rog always allows me to precede him when we walk together, and he always walks on the street side of the sidewalk.  When I refer to Rog and myself, I always mention or sign his name first!  I make it my first intention to honor him as my loving husband, no exceptions.  Honor where honor is due.  Righteousness pays big dividends in the Kingdom!
And finally, let’s take a look at loyalty.  Do we ever ask Father if He finds us to be a loyal person in His Kingdom?  Do we continually have each other’s backs or are we to be known as ‘back stabbers.’ Are we loyal to our parents; to our spouses; to our friends; to our neighbors; to our brothers and sisters in Christ or are we known as a ‘ghoster’ when things get tough in relationships, and we just walk away without ever honestly facing the ones we walk away from with integrity, character, honor and loyalty?  Righteousness pays big dividends in God’s Kingdom. His Word says so:

Psalm 18:20 The Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands He has recompensed me. 

I want to be known as a Righteous Daughter of the Most High God.  How about you?