I asked Holy Spirit if He had anything I could write today.  He said, “I have already given you the beginning.  Read your notes!”  I got out my notebook and here is what I had written weeks before:

Denominations are not founded in God’s truth, but in the beliefs, opinions, and emotions of mankind!  This is the result of lack of true intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A person’s intimate experience with God will quickly put to rest human pride and arrogance in perverting the truth of the Gospel and heal the manmade divisions the Body of Christ currently suffers!  I believe that the transformational necessity here is that the commitment of our lives to God must supersede our commitment to our religious beliefs.  If and when that happens, I believe the Holy Spirit will correct our misbeliefs, our unbelief, and bring us into alignment with Father’s truth.  We must grow to be above religious tradition and become the supernatural Child of God we have the opportunity to be!  If we are not committed to God with our lives, then we are committed to self!  That is self-idolatry and sin.  Idolatry in any form, for any reason, will bring destructive consequences upon our head!

If we are born again, we are part of the supernatural Kingdom of God.  We have the birthright through Jesus to be called and established as Children of the Most High God!  That is a privilege beyond the human sphere and a calling to yield to Father’s eternal and supernatural plan for our lives!  How could we possibly think we could plan and run our lives and do a better job than our Father?  I think we demonstrate the beginning of wisdom when we commit ourselves and yield to Father’s love for us and being to walk out His plan for our lives!  What is our part of bringing His love to this lost and dying world?  Where does He need us to be and when does He need us to be there?  Is it not common sense that His loving, eternal, supernatural plans for our world are more important than ours?

It’s not too late, you know.  If you are not completely sold out to the idea of letting God drive your bus, you can change that in a heartbeat!  Your degree of commitment to Him is a voluntary thing.  Is idolatry standing in your way?  How about family tradition?  What about worldly success?  How about financial security?  You can continue the list if you like, but no matter what the item is, anything that successfully hinders you from presenting your life as a living sacrifice to Father Himself (Romans 12:1-2) is idolatry.  His love, if experienced, is more powerful and transformational than all our concerns and fears!  The supernatural life He offers is far superior to anything the world and the flesh have to offer!  Repentance is an invitation to intimacy. We all have the privilege of using this powerful God given key at any time!  Father needs us!  Not part of us, but all of us!  Not part time, but full time!  You are a valuable part of Father’s family!  He loves you dearly!  If you don’t believe that, you are missing the most important part of our human life experience that is available to each of us!  Father’s plan for human life far exceeds our experience and our comprehension!  I don’t care who you are, how old you are, how financially well of you are, how important you are, you have not arrived!  There is always more of Heaven to be experienced; more of God’s nature to be incorporated into our lives!  Retirement is the world’s creation, not God’s!  If you are retired, get unretired and present yourself to Father a living sacrifice ready to serve as long as you are here!  If you are not retired but you are holding back on your commitment, today is the day of salvation.  Today is the day to repent.  Today is the day of a new start to a new life with new priorities.  Today is the new beginning to the rest of your life wrapped in the unbelievable love of your Heavenly Father!  Today is the first day of the rest of your life to be a channel of Heavenly blessing that Father wants to give your world through you!  He is able when we are available!