My Angel Story by Roger

This is ~ Chapter 8 ~ from Our Glory Stories.


“Destruction may seem imminent but My power to save is omnipresent.” Father

The state of Alabama has two major rivers that run from north to south. The one on the west side of the state is the Tombigbee River, and the one on the east side is the Alabama River. These two large rivers merge just a few miles north of Mobile, Alabama, to form one huge river that flows into Mobile Bay and then the Gulf of Mexico. The oil field where I worked as a pumper is located about 60 miles upstream from the Gulf in the “v” that is formed by these two rivers converging together. Work crews were transported to the field in the summer months by […]

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MEASURING GOD by Roger Taylor

How do we measure, judge and evaluate God?  What is our foundation when we critique God?  By what authority do we judge and evaluate Him?  How do we measure His character?  How quickly do we forget that He is God and we’re not?  We are one dimensional, we live in today!  He’s not bound by dimensions.  Some of us are concerned about tomorrow because we don’t know what’s coming!  He’s already been there!  Some of us cannot get free of the pain of past trauma! He’s been there too and made healing available to all who will come on His terms!
We ask Him for something and we expect Him to do it in a certain way and even in a certain time frame according to our need.  That’s just common sense!  But there He goes again…off on His own […]
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God is taking us a way we have not been before to a place we have never been, to do things we have not done before, in a new and greater way.

From the passing church age of worldwide growth and development, we have matured into a new era.

God has not changed. However, mankind has changed and is changing to become more aligned with where God has always been. As we the people of God change, our relationship and interactions with God are changing.

There are two major aspects that are helpful to us in understanding God’s work of change on earth. One is the personal individual change of our own life, and the other is the change of the collective universal Body of Christ […]

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God’s Will in Uncertainty ~ by Dr. Charles Stanley

It’s safe to say that the questions I’m most frequently asked as a pastor involve the issue of God’s will. People often ask, “How do I know what the Lord wants me to do with my life?” Or, “When I have two options, how can I know which way the Father wants me to go?” I’ve also found that never are believers more concerned about God’s will than during times of waiting—when we desperately want to know what He’s up to and whether He’ll answer our prayers.

King David was able to endure through all his adversity because he understood that it was the Lord’s plan for him to be king of Israel (1 Sam.16:1-13). And Abraham was able to be patient because the Father had promised he’d have many descendants and become a great nation (Gen. 12:2). Though I’m […]

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Religion or Relationship by Roger Taylor

Religion has built in deterrents, then because of the deterrents our avoidance alarm goes off!  Because religion is typically focused on behavior we seldom get to the relationship part.  We talk about it but usually the emphasis is think right, do right and be right or you can’t earn the relationship part.  The other motivational tactic in religion is stressing the fear of God!  For too many this promotes the angry, critical, judgmental God that you have to look out for!  Then we are told that we must love this God, but human nature tells us strongly to run from this God!  Is it any wonder why the world around the religious wants to avoid getting involved?  Something else I’d like to mention is performance; all the ‘doing’ that is expected to earn your place in Heaven or just […]

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When this title popped into my head, I quickly remembered an experience I had a many years back.  Gerri and I were visiting with my aunt and uncle in Mississippi.  We went with them to their Wednesday night church service.  Their pastor asked the group a question that went something like this:  “How would you feel if the Lord took your thoughts and wrote them on this wall right now?”  I thought, “Wow!  I like this guy!”  I also knew that there were times that I wouldn’t like my thoughts on that wall in front of others.  In those days, I didn’t yet realize how important it can be to critically consider what I think and why I think it!  Have you ever stopped to consider the same?  You may ask, “Why should I?  What’s the point?”  Everybody has […]

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The Wise, The Foolish, The Evil ~ Dr. Henry Cloud

When truth presents itself, the wise
person sees the light, takes it in, and
makes adjustments.
 When you give them feedback, they
listen, take it in, and adjust their behavior
 When you give them feedback, they
embrace it positively. They say things
like, “Thank you for telling me that. It
helps me to know the way I come across.”
Or, “Thanks for caring enough to bring
this to my attention.”
 They own their performance, problems
and issues and take responsibility for
them without excuses or blame.
 Your relationship is strengthened as a
result of giving them feedback. They
thank you for it, and see you as someone
who cares enough about them to have a
hard conversation.
 They empathize and express concern
about the results of their behavior on
others. If you tell them that something
they are doing hurts you, you get a
response that shows that it matters to
 They show repentance. You get […]

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“Three Different Piles of Seeds God Is Sifting in Your Life!” Anthony Medina

Recently one morning, I was seeing a picture of someone sitting at a table. The person was sorting out seeds into three different piles. When I asked the Lord what it was that I was seeing, He said, “I am sorting people out right now. These seeds are people and relationships in the life of the Believer.”

Covenant, Contractual and Convict

He said that the three different piles of seeds are the three different types of people in our lives right now which are: covenant, contractual and convict. (When I asked what convict meant He said that those were people that were close only to steal.)

  1. The covenant seeds are those people who you can trust your heart to and go into battle with. These people are good seeds; they can be trusted. They not only yield good fruit, but they also help you grow good […]
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Prophetic Insights – Covid 19 – Passover and Pentecost ~ by Jerry and Denise Basel

Prophetic Insights Regarding Pentecost;
Relevance of the Hebrides Revival
Jerry and Denise Basel
May 9, 2020

“Reset” and the Comparison of the Recent Passover to the Upcoming Pentecost

Many things have been shared prophetically concerning the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact
on our country and the world. Because of the need for people to shelter-in-place, it has
provided Christ-followers the opportunity to pause and pray. To pray, of course, for this plague
to stop, healing for those afflicted and comfort to those who have lost loved ones from this
virus; but to also pray for discernment from the Lord as to what He is doing in the midst of this
very unusual season. We don’t believe that it was the Lord’s will to cause this virus to afflict
and kill people, but we know that He uses all things for His purposes and our ultimate good
(Rom. 8:28), if we discern […]

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IS IDOLATRY SIN? – by Roger Taylor

For most born again believers, this would be a stupid question, right?  But then what if I asked the question, ‘what is idolatry?’  What would your response be?  Would you struggle with your answer or would it be cut and dried? Do you have this one down pat?  Do you feel not guilty here because you don’t have physical idols of Buddha, or Baal, or a Sun god of some type in your home?  Because of recent revelation from Holy Spirit revealing idolatry in my own life, I caution you not to disregard this subject!  This sin may not be as evident as you think!

I’m blessed to be reading Grace ~ Orphans No More, by Dr. James E. Johnson.  Although I’m not finished […]

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What to do? What to do? by Gerri

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many are asking what to do?

Don’t panic, walk in a spirit of fear, or horde supplies.  That goes against the grain in the way the world and most of the church is acting.  God didn’t give us spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.  That is His promise to us.  For many years now, Roger and I have been sharing with our audience that Father was directing us all to have an up close, intimate, conversational relationship with our Father.  Can you see now that He has been preparing us for a very long time how to cope with our current situation worldwide?

If you are one who has developed this close, personal relationship with Father, then good for you.  You won’t have any difficulty sheltering in place and obeying what our […]

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Show Me Your Friends & I’ll Show You Your Future ~ Kris Vallotton

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

I love this quote from Chaplain Ronnie Melancon… it’s quite sobering, don’t you think?

As a Believer, I think everyone deserves to be loved and cared for (Matthew 5:45-48).

Yet, I’d like to propose that there’s a fine line between loving everyone (as we should), and surrounding yourself with idiots!

Have you ever looked around at your community and felt like you don’t quite fit in, or that you’re not inspired by the lives of those who are closest to you?

Let me ask you this: If your inner circle of influence is so important, then why is it so hard to let go of the fools in our lives? I think the answer to that is often three-fold:

  1. We don’t know how to set boundaries with people, so we ultimately become the […]
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What’s The Solution? ~ by Roger Taylor

For many decades there has been an international problem that many of our Presidents and other world leaders have tried to resolve.  The failure is about 100%!  That is because they consistently try to resolve a spiritual problem with physical answers.  The Israeli/Palestinian problem is an ancient one dating back to the time of Joshua!  Israel’s failure to complete God’s command in taking possession of the Promised Land has resulted in the spiritual dilemma we see today.  The warfare that should have ended Millennia ago continues because of disobedience to God’s instruction.  We cannot fight a spiritual problem in the flesh and win!  The spiritual roots must be discovered and with God’s intervention and provision victory can be had.

Just in case you didn’t know, the Palestinians have publicly declared that they can trace their ancestry back to the Canaanites.  […]

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Conglomeration by Roger Taylor

All emotional strongholds contribute thoughts, attitudes and actions into our life experience.  What are our emotional and spiritual strongholds?  How many do we have?  They can be things like:

  • Rejection
  • Abandonment
  • Fear
  • Lust
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Self-hatred
  • Illegitimacy

Whatever emotional stronghold we have can contribute to confusion and every evil work in our daily experience.  This at times can equal torment and obviously indicates a lack of peace.  Take for example a phone call from Aunt Susie.  While you are talking to her, someone else comes on the line and begins talking about a different subject; then someone else comes on the line and begins talking about yet another subject.  How do you handle the call?  Can it produce confusion, frustration, anger, etc.?  What can you do?  Hang up?  But it continues to happen.  How does the situation affect your […]

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Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of God’s Vision

February 20, 1980 to February 10, 2020

The number 40 to the Jewish people is a number that, when used in terms of time,
represents a period of probation, trial and chastisement (not to be confused with judgment).
As the product of 5 and 8, it also signifies grace (5) and ending in revival or a new beginning (8).




The Vision is going to be key in these last days.
It is a place where the sound of the Spirit is released…
a place of signs, wonders and healing…
a place of intentional outreach, discipleship and training…
a place of refuge being established right now – […]

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Compassion or Codependency ~ by Linda Burton

Note: Linda is a PITFH Prayer Team Partner.  Father’s new name for Linda is “Narnie”

As I come to the topic of compassion, there are many things that stir my heart.  There is looking at what Jesus did while He walked this earth.  There are so many scriptures that say He had compassion and healed.  So what does it mean to have compassion?  How is compassion different from codependency?  Can I have healthy compassion that glorifies God when I have walked in codependent relationships in the past?

This evening as I spent quiet time with God, He said to me, “My beloved Narnie, today your eyes have been opened to the things that make the news.  They are dramatic things that affect many people.  These are yes – signs of the end of the age.  But beloved, I want you to […]

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The Power of Conversation ~ by Wayne Jacobsen

February 2020

I used to love lecturing, putting together a finely-crafted talk with illustrations and Biblical insights that seemed to touch people deeply. I enjoyed the cadence of a good speech, the flows of laughter and depth of emotions the perfect illustration could elicit. How much I loved being the guy on the stage!

But somewhere, I lost my confidence in the power of a lecture. Don’t get me wrong, some useful information can be shared that way, but as a steady diet, it alone lacks the power to help people make the personal discoveries that will help them grow their relationship with God. Thus, I’m less engaged by a talking head than I used to be. I see through so much of it now, the formula that may get the speaker the response they seek, but how little impact it […]

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The Constitution of Love ~ by Ron McGatlin






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It’s Time For Love – by Ron McGatlin

Father God desires that you and I and all mankind experience the fullness of His total love. The fullness of life exists in and from the love of God. The beauty of all creation speaks of the love of God. All life illustrates the unending love of the Father of all life. Only by the experience of His love does life on earth and in heaven exist in order and peace.

Peace is in the presence and order of God’s love. Joy is the highest expression of the experience of love.

Christ Jesus is the anointed Son of Love. He is the expression of God’s love, the ultimate sacrifice of love resurrected as loving King and Lord of all to rule and reign with love that contains all truth and justice to all and in all of His heavenly kingdom on […]

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Mesmerizing Confusion – by Roger

True addicts are compulsive, aren’t they?  It doesn’t matter what they are addicted to, they are compulsive.  Common sense, reason, judgment, healthy analysis seems to evaporate as the addiction takes over!  The victims of addiction don’t seem to recognize their downward slide until it is too late and they give in to the demands of their bondage.  In addition, addicts usually become liars, cheats and thieves in order to protect, hide and/or supply their addiction.  Many times they use and abuse other people in their attempt to satisfy their compulsion.  This behavior typically has disastrous, negative consequences on relationships, quality of life and future employment, not to mention the destruction it brings to society as a whole.

In similar fashion there are many Americans who have become addicts, if you will, as a result of the 2016 Presidential election.  Their […]

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Fair Trade – by Roger

You know if you have a disgruntled person in a group, that person can adversely affect the other people in the group.  Something must be done for the overall health of the group.  To do nothing is self-destructive.  If the person refuses to make necessary changes, they should be removed.

This is true on a national scale as well.  Every country must deal with disgruntled citizens.  In some cases, when you have a totalitarian, dominating and abusive government, the people of that nation have a right to be upset and want change.  Many of them want out of their homeland.  Many of them want to come to America.  They long for the freedoms we have here.

Now surprisingly to some we have American citizens who are unhappy with our form of government.  They do not like capitalism and the freedoms that […]

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The Routine of Religion

A closed vessel can never contain anything larger than its own size, but an open vessel has no limitations.

Which is larger, that which you know or that which you do not know?  Yes, that which you do not know, so then it is only wise to seek that which you do not know!  Here is a good example.  In denominations the student learns about that particular denomination, its leadership, its principles, its beliefs and so on.  Once the student learns all the teachings of that denomination, they usually settle down in what they know and thus become a closed vessel.  Nothing more flows in or flows out.  The student becomes like the Dead Sea.  Remember, a closed vessel can never contain anything larger than its own size.

Only by opening yourself up can you come to know that which you […]

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When Crisis Comes by Gerri

In every life some times of crisis WILL come.  You can take it to the bank.  Everyone, young or old, will come upon days of crisis…a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger…a time of catastrophe, calamity, emergency or disaster.  For me, my 74 years have allowed me to experience all of the above.  Each time there has been something that Father God wanted me to learn or to stretch me in my faith to trust Him.  We have God’s promises that it won’t rain always.

I remember well the time that I was within hours of death when I suffered from very serious pancreatitis.  After 30 days in the hospital and surgery to remove my gall bladder, I began the process of mending physically learning deeply of His ability to heal my body and save me from the enemy’s […]

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New eBook Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Roger’s new eBook “The Evidence Is In, Volume II.”  All of our eBooks are available to download free of charge from our website.

Here is Evidence #2:

THE EVIDENCE IS IN: Victimization diminishes a person’s potential and quality in life.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different ways a person can be victimized?  I’m especially thinking about wounding events.  Contrary to popular belief, which is secular, wounding or victimization doesn’t just go away.  The ignorant and simple minded will say things like, “time will heal it, just get over it, buck up, be strong, put it behind you; it’s time to forget it and get on with your life, or think about something else.”  REALLY!

One of the negative impacts of victimization that is common in most of these situations is fear.  […]

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Marriage Training by Roger

Now by this title you are probably thinking that I’m about to announce a three day seminar for married couples. That’s logical, but you would be wrong! I’m thinking about marriage training that takes place in the marriage relationship as husband and wife do life together. The more I think about it, the more complicated it gets!
Think about it with me. If you say something or do something and your spouse bites your head off and hands it back to you on a platter, do you think maybe you should learn from the experience? That’s potential training. If you behave a certain way in public or in front of company and your spouse gives you the silent treatment for three to seven days (the duration is dependent on the gravity of your offense). […]

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