The Parables of Matthew 25 ~ Wayne Jacobsen

(C) Wayne Jacobsen

In Matthew’s twenty-fifth chapter, Jesus tells three of his parables that are most often used by those who drive the performance treadmill to make people work harder to try and earn God’s favor. And, not surprisingly they are some the enemy uses in his accusations that we may not be “doing enough” for God. But in each case, the conclusion of the parables are anything but the “try harder” explanations that religion gives. As I was reading through them the other day, here’s what caught my eye: […]

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Spiritual Identity Theft ~ Doug Addison

Spiritual Identity Theft
(c) Doug Addison

I woke up the day after Christmas after several dreams where I saw the enemy trying to steal people’s destinies. As I prayed about it I heard the words “identity theft.” Oftentimes, things that are happening in the natural realm reflect what is happening in the spiritual realm. The rise of identity theft in the world is symbolic of what is happening spiritually to people all around the world. I saw two covert strategies that Satan is trying to use against people to keep them from seeing, finding, and fulfilling their life purpose and destiny in God. […]

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New eBooks Published

We are happy to announce that we have published two new eBooks on the website.  The first is entitled The Ministry of Reconciliation and Restitution – Walking in Forgiveness.  It is a subject that is at the very heart of prayer ministry.  Without forgiveness healing cannot come.  It is the greatest gift that Jesus gave on the cross and it is absolutely necessary that we learn well this art if we are to live successfully in His Kingdom.

The second new publish is The Many Faces of Spiritual Rebellion.  We covered this subject in detail in the October webinar.  This eBook will be great review for those who either attended the webinar session or to those who have viewed it by video on the website.  Nearly everyone walks to some degree in spiritual rebellion and this material will help you identify the […]

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Taylor Health Update #1

We have undertaken a very agressive detoxification protocol for the black mold poisoning.  We are about a month into the process and we knew going in that it would be a slow, gradual journey to detox completely.  […]

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Religion vs Relational Life ~ Wayne Jacobsen

Note:  In August and September 2011 we did live webinars entitled “Religion vs Relationship – Part 1 and Part 2.  These  webinars are posted on our website.  If you’d like to view them,  Click Here.

To add a bit more to the mix, please read the comments below on Religion vs Relational Life by Wayne Jacobsen.  They further help us to see the differences between religion and relationship.  […]

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New Face on the Blog

          Hey!  When you logged into the Blog did you notice the new face lift?  Before you read on, please notice the beautiful mountain picture on the banner page.    Here is a story of another miracle in our midst and Romans 8:28 at work in our lives!  […]

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October Webinar ~

          Our webinar for the month of October will be this coming Saturday, October 8th, at 1pm EST.  The topic for this month is “The Many Faces of Spiritual Rebellion.”  This is a big topic and one that is very common among the Body of Christ.   It holds huge implications to hindering us from receiving Father’s love.   We hope you will take the time to register for this time of discussion together.  To do that simply send us an email at info@ and write “Register me for October” in the subject line.  We will then send you an email with the login and password information.

              IMPORTANT NOTE:  Previously we sent out a notice that we would be changing webinar providers.  After checking out other options, we have made the decision to remain with the original provider, so […]

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Passing The Blessing Forward ~ by Gerri

           Recently I watched again the movie “Pass It Forward.”  It was an inspiring story of a young man with a great idea.  As a social studies project he challenged his classmates to pick something VERY hard to do and then do it no matter what the cost, passing the good forward.

            I have written in the past about taking that concept and bringing it into our everyday lives.  In other words, take each blessing we receive and pass it forward.  Since beginning this process in my own life, lots has happened so I want to share my story again, hopefully encouraging others to follow. […]

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A Letter from Roger and Gerri

               The home we lived in on Hwy 905 when we moved here to Conway was infected with black mold.  In December 2010, we moved from that residence.  We have been suffering with various health issues since 2008.  We have attempted to treat these symptoms naturally and with prayer.   We have done extensive web research on black mold for several years and in addition consulted with our chiropractor and our medical doctor.  All along the way, we have gained insight and knowledge about this problem, and on Monday, September 12, 2011, Father God gave us a major key in our journey when He instructed Gerri to type into a web search the words ‘black mold poisoning.’  It led to an extensive website by a doctor that has suffered from this condition.  Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle seemed […]

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From Roger’s Journal

Many people will consider some of the things I share to be negative, but they are not.  They can be destructive or life giving based on each person’s interpretation of the message.  Father always offers us life and love.  I offer these entries from my journal in life and love with the hope that each person will choose wisely.  The following selected entries are taken directly from my journal during June, July and August of 2011.   

Roger […]

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Marriage and Relationships

Roger is currently reading a great book by Drs. Cloud and Townsend entitled God Will Make a Way.  The following is a quote from the book taken from the chapter on  marriage and relationship.  We have found the following to be very true not only in our own marriage of nearly 48 years, but also in the marriages that we have had the privilege to speak into. 

“Marriage is the most significant relationship any of us could ever have.  It is a symbol of the relationship God has with his people (Eph. 5:25-33) and is as close as we can get to being ‘one’ with another person.  Because of this, good marriages can be heaven on earth.
…the key to a good marriage is this: being in the marriage – being totally invested, with all the part of yourself, […]

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Webinars and Short Clips

We have just posted the 3rd webinar entitled Religion vs Relationship – Part 1 on the website.  Also newly posted is the first of our Short Clips entitled Lies We Live By.  These Short Clips will be 30 minutes or less in run time and are meant to be introductions to webinars we will be planning in the future.  We encourage you to drop in and join us ‘live’ in these two new ventures.  You can go to and tune in live with us!

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Rebellion vs Healthy Boundaries in the Marriage Relationship ~ by Roger

For the spouse who feels controlled or dominated by their mate, let me say, this is not God’s intent for the marriage relationship. This can be religion and/or self-centeredness at work. Your heavenly Father never intended marriage to produce a demeaning, or devaluing environment for either spouse. On the contrary, I believe God’s intent has always been for a man and a woman to come together and work hard at love, honor and respect for each other. […]

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Rejection and Its Lie by Gerri

            Webster defines rejection like this: the action of being rejected; to refuse to accept, consider, or use; to refuse to hear, receive, or admit; to rebuff, repel as parents who reject their children; to refuse as lover or spouse, to cast off; to throw back; to repulse; to spew out.

              I was rejected from the womb. I was a late in life pregnancy for my mother and while my earthly daddy was thrilled at the prospect of my arrival, my mother faced huge health issues and a very difficult pregnancy and delivery with me. […]

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Closing Our Hearts to Intimacy ~ by Gerri

           It is very common in prayer ministry to see hurting, wounded people that have closed their hearts to intimacy.  Sometimes this closure occurs at a time of deep, emotional trauma. Other times, there are small, but significant times when one is wounded repeatedly and little by little, the heart is closed off vowing, I will not be hurt that way again. The results of such decisions of the heart are that while we may self protect, we also self destruct!  When the heart is closed to intimacy and love, our Father and His love are locked out of our hearts and there is no way to ‘come home to Daddy.’ […]

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Father’s Word ~ July 24, 2011

Dear One:

Even the wisest and most learned men in the culture today cannot begin to align with My wisdom.  I do not look upon their titles, degrees or accomplishments with any notice.  No, I look upon the hearts of mankind to see if they know Me.  I brush up against every person many times in their lives upon the earth giving many opportunities through My grace for mankind to come into relationship with Me.  My heart is continually grieved when My Spirit is refused and rebuffed, for I wish that all men would know Me.  Unfortunately, many men are held captive by their own knowledge and intellect and oft times they are driven to gain titles, degrees and position.  But I tell you a truth, none of these things are desirous in My Kingdom, for I say that the […]

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Talk With The Taylors August Webinar

Our August Webinar will be Saturday, August 13th at 1 PM EST. 
The topic of discussion this month is
Religion vs Relationship. 

You must register no later than Thursday, August 11th by
sending us an email at

Please write
“Register Me for the August Webinar”
in the subject line.

Once you have registered we will send you
login and password information.

These webinars are interactive, so come expecting!
This subject is designed to break our religious boxes!

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Testimony from July Webinar ~

We just received the following email from a former prayer ministry client who attended our July Webinar last Saturday.  It thrills our hearts to watch former clients move on in life after prayer ministry and do it successfully!  What a magnificent joy it is to sow into another person’s life and reap a bountiful harvest from what Father does.  His love is truly matchless!

Hello Roger and Gerri,
Just a note to tell you that I loved the Webinar on Saturday.  Thank-you!  It was so nice to actually see you both in person after all of our telephone sessions! […]

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A New Teaching Tool

Do you find yourself having difficulty in relationships?  Is it hard or even impossible for you to bring a necessary ending with some in your life?  Do you hang on even when you know that God is bringing the relationship to a close?  Do you stay and become the victim when you know a relationship is toxic? 

Often in prayer ministry we deal with situatuations where the client does not have a clear understanding of the three types of people in our world ~ The Wise Person, The Foolish Person, or the Evil Person. 

Click on the link below and you will find a simple chart that will outline each type of person and then give you a healthy strategy on how to deal with each type.  Take the test yourself first.  Where do you fall in the categories?  Normally everyone […]

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Sexual Addictions Rampant in the Church by Roger and Gerri

It is seldom a week goes by that we are not faced with some kind of sexual perversion during prayer ministry sessions.  It is the devil’s counterfeit for the Father’s unconditional, expressed love and it has reached epic proportions within our culture and within the church today.  The only answer to this massive love hunger issue is FATHER’S LOVE.  Below is an important article by our friend and mentor, Al Ells, from Leaders That Last.  The statistics that Al shares are indicators of how big a problem we have even within the body of Christ. 

If you are struggling with any kind of sexual perversion and the guilt and shame that accompanies these issues, we urge you to get help.  It is very seldom that one who is captive to such behaviors has the ability to break free going it […]

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Today’s Porn Problem by Al Ells, MC

 The internet is filled with marvelous things to see and do. Map out an excursion to a new city, e-mail missionaries in Turkey, keep up with old friends on Facebook, or even get medical advice. The advent of cyberspace has ushered in a vast array of benefits—and problems. […]

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Does Grace Excuse or Transform by Wayne Jacobsen

I received this question in my email box today and thought many others might care about my answer:

What I would like to know from your perspective, is there a clear and growing warp in the teaching on grace that is, overtly or covertly, connotatively or emotively, saying that behavior does not matter? I realize that has been a Gnostic teaching of our history, but I am wondering if it is back in the form of this “free grace” teaching. I believe that if our experience of God’s grace is the real McCoy, our heart, mind, emotional makeup, and behavior will begin a rest-of-our-life change to conform to what we can see in the Man, Jesus. What degree of that progress is by grabbing our own bootstraps and […]

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Book Reviews

Recently we have read and re-read two very thought provoking, life changing  books.  We will review both of them in this post.  For those who are pursuing Father and His love and for those who are serious about spiritual growth, we highly recommend these two books for your library.  Both of us have gleened greatly and applied the principles here.  We encourage you to do the same! […]

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Saturday, July 9th, 2011
1:00 PM EST
Estimated length of session is
an hour and a 1/2
depending upon the leadership of the
Holy Spirit!

Each participant is free to enter and leave the session at any time. 

In our first session, we covered the foundational basics of prayer ministry.

This session we will begin to discuss

“The Closed Heart and
Withdrawn Spirit”
“The Death Wish”

These strongholds will hinder us from being able to connect with the Father’s love as He begins to deliver His remarkable gifts of love during our healing journey.  If you have been through prayer ministry and desire to learn more, or if you are considering applying for prayer ministry, or if you are considering recommending someone else for ministry, then these sessions are for you!
We welcome you to join us in our discussions.

You […]

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