Fair Trade – by Roger

You know if you have a disgruntled person in a group, that person can adversely affect the other people in the group.  Something must be done for the overall health of the group.  To do nothing is self-destructive.  If the person refuses to make necessary changes, they should be removed.

This is true on a national scale as well.  Every country must deal with disgruntled citizens.  In some cases, when you have a totalitarian, dominating and abusive government, the people of that nation have a right to be upset and want change.  Many of them want out of their homeland.  Many of them want to come to America.  They long for the freedoms we have here.

Now surprisingly to some we have American citizens who are unhappy with our form of government.  […]

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The Routine of Religion

A closed vessel can never contain anything larger than its own size, but an open vessel has no limitations.

Which is larger, that which you know or that which you do not know?  Yes, that which you do not know, so then it is only wise to seek that which you do not know!  Here is a good example.  In denominations the student learns about that particular denomination, its leadership, its principles, its beliefs and so on.  Once the student learns all the teachings of that denomination, they usually settle down in what they know and thus become a closed vessel.  Nothing more flows in or flows out.  The student becomes like the Dead Sea.  Remember, a closed vessel can never contain anything larger than its own size.

Only by opening yourself […]

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When Crisis Comes by Gerri

In every life some times of crisis WILL come.  You can take it to the bank.  Everyone, young or old, will come upon days of crisis…a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger…a time of catastrophe, calamity, emergency or disaster.  For me, my 74 years have allowed me to experience all of the above.  Each time there has been something that Father God wanted me to learn or to stretch me in my faith to trust Him.  We have God’s promises that it won’t rain always.

I remember well the time that I was within hours of death when I suffered from very serious pancreatitis.  After 30 days in the hospital and surgery to remove my gall bladder, I began the process of mending physically learning deeply of His ability to […]

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New eBook Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Roger’s new eBook “The Evidence Is In, Volume II.”  All of our eBooks are available to download free of charge from our website.

Here is Evidence #2:

THE EVIDENCE IS IN: Victimization diminishes a person’s potential and quality in life.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different ways a person can be victimized?  I’m especially thinking about wounding events.  Contrary to popular belief, which is secular, wounding or victimization doesn’t just go away.  The ignorant and simple minded will say things like, “time will heal it, just get over it, buck up, be strong, put it behind you; it’s time to forget it and get on with your life, or think about something else.”  REALLY!

One of the negative impacts of victimization that […]

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Marriage Training by Roger

Now by this title you are probably thinking that I’m about to announce a three day seminar for married couples. That’s logical, but you would be wrong! I’m thinking about marriage training that takes place in the marriage relationship as husband and wife do life together. The more I think about it, the more complicated it gets!
Think about it with me. If you say something or do something and your spouse bites your head off and hands it back to you on a platter, do you think maybe you should learn from the experience? That’s potential training. If you behave a certain way in public or in front of company and your spouse gives you the silent treatment for three to seven days (the […]

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Sheriff Detains Gerri!

Here is another “Growing Old Gracefully” tale. I’m laughing now, but earlier this morning I was NOT laughing!

In my 74+ years, I have never had the experience of operating a home security system. Oh, I’ve seen the security pads on the wall of houses I’ve been in, but never had the experience of operating one. This week we have been house and pet sitting for the family we are staying with. The big house across the yard is equipped with a security system, so before our friends left Monday on vacation, we sat down with him and he gave me instructions on how to operate the system. Being one of due diligence, I carefully wrote all the instructions down. Monday through Thursday went off without a hitch. I relaxed a […]

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“A Declaration of Self-Acceptance” ~ Jerry & Denise Basal

If someone asked you if you accepted and loved yourself, how would you respond? In counseling hundreds and hundreds of people over the years, the more frequent response is, “Not so much.”

We invite you to embrace the following declaration of who you truly are. Read it slowly aloud and remember that what you are reading is in full agreement with what God says about you.

I am me. I am made in the very image of God, just a little lower than the angels. I am unique. In the entire world there is no one exactly like me. This means that I am important to God.

I can accept myself because God accepts me. I can love myself because God loves me. I know that I matter because God sent his Son, […]

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I recently counseled with a very bright and engaging mid-aged couple. Tom’s a seminary professor and Mary (not their real names) is a psychologist. Despite their intelligence and education, they could not resolve their marital conflict. It recalled my belief that unresolved conflicts are like icebergs.

An iceberg is a large piece of freshwater ice that has broken off a glacier or an ice shelf and is floating freely in open salt water. Another name for iceberg is “ice mountain”.
Ninety percent of an iceberg is below the surface and not visible, thus making icebergs serious maritime hazards. The expression “tip of the iceberg”, illustrates a difficulty that is only a small, visible part of a larger, complex problem.
In their case the tip of the conflict was her accusation that he treated […]

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Growing Old Gracefully by Gerri

I have been saying for several years now that I was going to write a book on growing old gracefully. I’ve never seen anything written on the subject, but that is not to say I’m the first to tackle the subject!

Recently I turned 74 years old. I can honestly say it was THE best birthday I have ever had! I was shown love, honor and respect from so many people in my life. A few years back Rog and I made the decision to buy each other a birthday gift on OUR own birthdays! It has been such magnificent fun. I started out by getting him a lawn blower! Seemed tools were something he could always use. But this year was different. I was able to arrange for him to […]

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A Prophetic Word ~ Lana Vawser

Posted on March 28, 2019


Recently I heard the Lord say:

“Those who have mocked you and spoken against you will now stand in awe of My blessing and favour upon you.”

Those who have spoken against you, those who have mocked you for obeying the Lord, those who have mocked you for following the Lord’s strategy, those who have spoken out against you and behind your back out of jealousy, the Lord showed me their mouths are about […]

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