Hindrances to Receiving Physical and Emotional Healing

The following is a list of things that can hinder one’s healing by Dr. Henry Wright in his book, A More Excellent Way.   It is an interesting list and in the book, Dr. Wright writes his comments about each hindrance based on his years of experience and knowledge in praying for the sick.
It has been our personal experience over the years of doing personal prayer ministry that we, too, have found many of these same hindrances present when working with clients.  We list them here hoping to encourage you to get a copy of A More Excellent Way and use it for your own healing journey as well as being informed to help others in theirs.
Roger and Gerri

  • Unforgiveness
  • Ignorance or lack of knowledge
  • No relationship with God according […]
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Miraculous Restorations by Lana Vawser

Recently, I have been feeling so strongly on the Lord’s heart those who have suffered great losses and have experienced attack from the enemy where he has come and stolen and these areas where they experienced the loss and attack of theft, have been places of great pain.

For some, they remain in hope and expectation of the Lord’s restoration, and others have become tired, discouraged, despaired and even hopeless in these areas. I heard the Lord speaking over these ones “Some of the greatest miraculous restorations are before you, pay attention in expectation over the next 6 months.”

I could feel the Lord’s heart so strongly for these ones that the “tables are going to turn” and the faithful hand of the Lord will be seen moving in mighty power to […]

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It’s Cherry Pickin’ Time ~ By Roger Taylor

Personally, I have never been to a cherry orchard and picked cherries, so I can only imagine what that must be like.  I wonder if I could resist the temptation of what I pick.  How about you?  Oh well, that is a nice fantasy, but that isn’t the cherry pickin’ that I’m thinking about anyway.
I’m really thinking about how we cherry pick the Word of God!  What we accept from the word and from what we reject and ignore.  Obviously, we will accept Scripture that supports our belief and understanding at any given time and reject and/or ignore Scripture that threatens us in some way.  Have you noticed that as your sanctification continues (that’s assuming that your sanctification is continuing) your perspective on some Scripture changes.  With maturity and Holy […]
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You’ll Get Through This by Gerri

I’m going through a difficult situation right now in my life.  Can you identify?  Fear, anxiety, stress and worry are knocking loudly on my door.  But Father has just recently given me a huge revelation about fear, anxiety and stress being sin in my life.  Before the revelation, I’d always dealt with fear as an emotion!  For the first time in my entire life, I was suddenly seeing it as SIN!  My heart broke as I journeyed to the cross to meet up with Jesus and confess my sin! His Word tells me, “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit.”  Ps 34:18. New life began to manifest in me.  I was beginning to sense a new level of peace […]
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Love Does Not Mean Enable – Dr. Ray Self

Almost everyone has been involved with or experienced a toxic relationship at some point in their life. You may be in a toxic relationship right now that has affected you adversely. There are many misunderstandings about the Christian response in such situations.

I was raised in a conservative, Christian home. I was taught to turn the other cheek no matter what the other person said or did. I became more of a doormat, thinking I was a great Christian. The Scriptures are clear that we should love our neighbors, our spouses and even our enemies. So biblically, we should love toxic people.

Love, however, does not mean enable. We can love people by setting healthy boundaries. Many Christians, because of their love and compassion, end up having their boundaries trampled. They love […]

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The Vacuum of No Love

If you didn’t feel loved in your childhood, you probably won’t feel loved by other people now.  Guess what joins you in that vacuum of no Love? The spirit of fear!  Dr. Henry Wright

In the paragraph below is Dr. Wright’s prayer concerning the spirit of fear.  You will need to read Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease to fully understand how the hypothalamus gland in the brain produces fear, anxiety and stress in our bodies which leads to many diseases such as but not limited to: hypertension (high blood pressure), heart arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, Type 2 diabetes, fibro myalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, acid reflux, migraines, insomnia, acne, asthma, overeating.
Fear, anxiety and stress are SIN not just emotions.  As Father reveals our sin, we […]

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What Does Your Tongue Reveal About Your Heart? ~ Rick Warren

There is no real secret to changing from an angry person into a peaceful person. In order to get the power you need to go from anger to peace, you need to be filled with God’s love.

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:5, “[Love] is not easily angered” (NIV). In other words, if you’re filled with anger, then almost everything can upset you. But when you’re filled with God’s love, your perspective changes.

Being filled with God’s love requires that you have a relationship with him. Your relationship with Jesus Christ will determine how patient you are and how well you master anger.

This means you can change. You can do it through the Holy Spirit! When you become a Christian, you have God’s power living in you. Even in a crisis—when […]

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Let’s Seize the Moment by Kim Potter

This afternoon, the Lord reminded me of a time that He spoke three simple words to me. He said, “Seize the moments.”

It was early one evening. My daughter and my two grandkids were visiting. To add to the noise in the room, my daughter was babysitting my eleven-month-old great-niece. To say the atmosphere was lively is an understatement.

My granddaughter was watching a movie. My great-niece, Paisley, was playing loudly with toys. My daughter was sitting on the couch talking. My grandson was playing a game. From my vantage point across the room, I sat and watched all the activity and took in all the noise.

Moments later, Paisley, crawled over to a bookshelf and turned on my iPod. Worship music filled the room, the noise ceased as the atmosphere […]

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As If It Never Happened ~ by Roger

I’d like to begin these thoughts with this statement: “Forgiveness has a P.S. and it is this…AS IF IT NEVER HAPPENED!”
What is your first response to this opening statement?  Do you really get it?  Well, it’s just this…when I truly forgive someone for their sin against me, I must reach the place in my mind and heart where I can truly say the offense never happened!  Usually, our first reactions are in our flesh and possibly assisted by the demonic!  After all, if satan has you trapped in resentment, unforgiveness and bitterness, he certainly doesn’t want to lose control of his captive!  Right?  Besides, he may have already bombed you with some form of sickness or disease because of your sin.  He certainly doesn’t want you to wake up and […]
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Exposing Spiritual Roots of Disease ~ by Dr. Henry Wright

In our last Newsletter we introduced Dr. Henry Wright’s book, Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease.  We have been through the book twice now and we both have experienced a new, and very deep level of healing in many areas as a result.  The following is a sampling of things that hit our spirits as we read and we wanted to share this book review with you to once again highly encourage you to get this book.  If you are serious about your personal healing journey and you desire to help others in theirs, then read on!

The root cause of 80% of disease is spiritual and is a result of separation on three levels.  1)  Separation from God – from His Person, His love, and His Word.  2) […]

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