A Word from the Lord through Russ Walden

This is a time says God to laugh the laugh of faith. Abraham and Sarah greeted the angel of the Lord in their advanced old age with laughter that delighted the Father’s heart! The time of conceiving seed seemed over and their hopes and visions were faded prints on a distant dream. THEN GOD. Listen to me, I hear God say He is revitalizing those dry, cracked, faded hopes and promise that you faithfully held on to for years and now they are springing forth to new life, full of sap, full of life bringing the total manifestation of all that you have need of or every longed for. Plan “A” is still on the table. The enemy tried to tell you that hope was lost and the grave awaits […]

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Together We Stand, But Divided We Fall ~ By Roger Taylor

Together we can be powerful, successful carriers of the love of God to the lost, bringing
miraculous Kingdom of God experience that transforms the heart of man. But divided we fail.
Just think about division for a minute. If that is not one of satan’s tools, what is it? Divide and
conquer usually works. Now think about the attitudes that come with division. Us vs. them,
we are right, they are wrong, judgmental and critical attitudes toward those different than
you, fear of those different than you, pride and arrogance in your position, argumentative
attitude to correct people who believe differently than you, anger and competitive spirit
against other divisions. You continue the list if you will, then stop and look at what we have.
Do any of these attributes or attitudes properly reflect God and His Kingdom, […]

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“2021: A Year to Trim the Wick” ~ Ryan Johnson, Sevierville, TN

I believe we can all agree that 2020 was one for the record books. Many people are exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, and simply confused with all the chaos that surrounded this unique year. Going into 2020 many people had high expectations, and if we are honest with ourselves, no one recognized the magnitude of the challenges that we would endure. From social distancing, lockdowns, washing our hands, face masks, virtual meetings, virtual school, loss of employment, no indoor dining, no holiday gatherings, no parties, no hospital visitations, no funeral services, and sadly… having to say goodbye to the ones who crossed over into eternity.

Without a doubt, it was a very troubling year. However, the year wasn’t a complete waste. Babies were born, families were reunited, marriages took place, homes were sold […]

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God is Truth and Every Man a Liar ~ Roger Taylor

Everything God has spoken is reality. It is a done deal. Therefore, anything we say, believe or
teach that in any way denies or distorts the truth that God has spoken is deception by flesh or
the devil and the consequence of that sin is self-defeating and a great hindrance to bringing
the Kingdom of God to a lost and dying world.
Denying, distorting, explaining away fleshly reasoning apart from Holy Spirit influence are the
tools used to divide the Body of Christ, the family of God!
This manmade process has resulted in an anemic representation of the Kingdom of God. Each
division of the Body thinks their beliefs are correct and every other division is wrong. Each
division is comfortable and confident right where they are. In other words, they have become
complacent. There is little to no […]

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More Kingdom Characteristics ~ by Gerri

Here are a few more characteristics of the Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven. We need to be asking ourselves often how we are doing when it comes to walking in these characteristics. The fruitfulness of them will indicate to us how well we are walking in Father’s Kingdom.

Loving– Giving away the Father’s love to everyone we meet.
Honorable—We show honor to everyone.
Humble —We don’t draw attention to ourselves.
Selfless—We think of others more than we think of ourselves.
Pure—We strive to have untarnished motives.
Peace-loving—We agree to respectfully disagree.
Gentle—We consider the feelings of others before acting.
Merciful—We give second chances because they’ve been given to us.
Impartial—We show fairness to all we encounter.
Sincere—We are authentic, honest, and full of integrity.
Loving– Giving away the Father’s love to everyone we meet.

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Eyes on the Kingdom Here on Earth ~ by Gerri

Every where I look these past few days we are being admonished to keep our eyes on the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in Heaven rather than all the worldly chaos going on all around us.
The Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in Heaven looks like this:
Father’s love is unconditional. He never leaves or forsake us. He is always ever-present. He is always faithful even when we are not. He is the only true King in His Kingdom.
In His Kingdom I must make choices:
I must choose God. I choose faith in Him. I choose righteousness and holiness. I choose love, not hate. I choose honesty and integrity. I choose giving and not taking. I choose the […]

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Treason is Rebellion on Steroids ~ Roger Taylor, The Evidence Is In, Vol II

I never thought I’d live to see the day that treason became acceptable in the USA! Sadly, that
day has arrived and we as a nation have lost our identity! American citizens are no longer
required to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Those who
openly reject our established way of life, our democratic republic and capitalism in particular
are allowed to run for and hold public office. They even run for President. It is obvious that
these socialists, Marxists, communists, Nazis, and other perverse, destructive characters are
becoming more and more popular in our nation since they are being mainstreamed and
elected to public office.
When treason becomes acceptable, self-destruction is inevitable. God established America on
a solid, Godly foundation and He protected, blessed and prospered us to become the most
powerful and most […]

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The Lonely Path to the Summit – unknown

“The Lonely Path to the Summit”

Paul summarizes all that he is facing in two phrases—he is “carrying in the body the death of Jesus,” but not without purpose, for it is “so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.” Following a suffering and rejected Savior in a fallen world will involve suffering—both because the world is fallen and because the world rejects its King. But when we suffer and choose to trust Christ through the trials we face, we are filled with His power and presence, reflecting His image to those around us.

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To Inhabit Love – Justin & Jennifer Camp ~ Gather Ministries

To Inhabit Love (You Have to Know Who God Is)

I have more for you. More than what you can see and hear and touch. There will be a day when you look into my eyes. Your mind will stretch, your heart overwhelmed, your soul expanding. For it knows—it knows by whom it was made. Thinking of Me, of My love for you now, is the fuel you need to get through any day. It is simple, really. My love for you equips you to soar. My love for you is the only true taste of freedom. And you are made to inhabit it.

I give you good gifts. I give you desire to love. I give you desire for joy. I give you desire for curiosity, for learning, for […]

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My Angel Story by Roger

This is ~ Chapter 8 ~ from Our Glory Stories.


“Destruction may seem imminent but My power to save is omnipresent.” Father

The state of Alabama has two major rivers that run from north to south. The one on the west side of the state is the Tombigbee River, and the one on the east side is the Alabama River. These two large rivers merge just a few miles north of Mobile, Alabama, to form one huge river that flows into Mobile Bay and then the Gulf of Mexico. The oil field where I worked as a pumper is located about 60 miles upstream from the Gulf in the “v” that is formed by these two rivers converging together. Work crews were […]

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