This is a song that has recently come out of Bethel Church, Redding, CA. If you haven’t heard it, please take just a few minutes to listen and be really blessed. If you are having a tough day, then this is your song!

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I never thought I’d live to see the day that treason became acceptable in the USA! Sadly, that day has arrived and we as a nation have lost our identity! American citizens are no longer required to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Those who openly reject our established way of life, our democratic republic and capitalism in particular are allowed to run for and hold public office. They even run for President. It is obvious that these socialist, Marxists, communists, Nazis, and other perverse, destructive characters are becoming more and more popular in our nation since they are being mainstreamed and elected to public office.
When treason becomes acceptable, self-destruction is inevitable. God established America on a solid, […]

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When God Says ‘No’ by Roger

While we were living in South Carolina our pastor asked Gerri and I to fill in for him on a Sunday morning. The night before, the Lord gave me two skits to do for the service! First of all I don’t do skits. I had never done anything like that! Gerri is the drama queen! However, I pushed through my fear and it turned out great!
Now, let me share the skit having to do with God saying ‘no’. I played a 14 year old boy. I asked a friend in the service to play my Dad in the skit. My instruction to him was no matter what I say your answer is to be ‘no’ and then ad lib. Here is the […]

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A Real Relationship, Or Just Dating? by Christen Limbaugh Bloom

Have you ever been in a relationship in which you felt you were giving 90 percent and the other person was giving 10? You put in so much effort to make that person feel confident or loved and that person completely took you for granted. They talked. You listened. But nothing was ever reciprocated.
Before my relationship with Jesus changed, I used to say half-hearted prayers before I went to sleep. They were, for the most part, apologies for how I had come up short and cries for help to save me from all of the messes I had made. But you know what they weren’t? – a conversation.
Prayer is meant to be both a conversation and an invitation for God to participate in our lives. I did not understand this […]

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Mastering Love – Mastering Life by Roger

Father says that life is love and love is life, therefore if we master love we can then master life. To me this means I must master love in order to experience life to its fullest potential. Like it or not Father has designed the only pathway that will lead us to life’s full potential and He is that pathway. He is love and the only true source of love available to mankind. If we are to master love we must have the empowerment of His grace at work in us to dethrone self and in humility become God centered. Supernatural encounters with Father, Son and Holy Spirit will strengthen our resolve, our commitment, and our determination to become the supernatural Child of God that we were created to be. […]

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A Godly leader must be:

  • Empowered by love
  • Bathed in humility
  • Steadfast in authority.

A Godly leader must not lord it over their subordinates. This is Jesus’ command. A Godly leader invites subordinates to participate in the decision making process, give their opinion, share their experience, ask questions, hear from the Lord and contribute. A Godly leader must have authority and responsibility. He or she is responsible for both. A Godly leader must have the ability to bring correction and if necessary, disciplinary action to their team. At the same time we must be able to give our team permission to not be perfect. Mistakes are to be expected, just not repeated. A Godly leader must be secure enough and responsible enough to teach their subordinates everything they know so that […]

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Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right by Roger


EVIDENCE #9:  Right is wrong and wrong is right.

Do you remember the Scripture that says “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil?” Well, it’s here! Almost daily the news media spreads the reality that what was once considered right is now wrong, and what was once considered wrong is now right! The table is upside down and confusion is our norm! It’s like there is a mesmerizing spirit that has descended on our society as a result of our corporate rejection of God and that spirit is deceiving us into accepting evil as good!

In our eBook Prayer Ministry there is a chapter titled “The Lies We Live By.” In that chapter we try to […]

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Re-Launch of THE EVIDENCE IS IN by Roger Taylor

We are doing a re-launch of Roger’s new eBook The Evidence Is In.   In our first launch we had a major glitch  which resulted in taking the eBook down from the website, and correcting the problem.  Thanks for your patience!
Today the re-launch is available and we have added a Forward to the book written by our editor, Carol Bandi.  Carol has been a tremendous blessing to PITFH by providing the editing to all our eBooks.  She continues to say that she is the fortunate one because she gets the first peek at the material!  THANKS CAROL!

This collection of Evidences is a marvelous and wonderfully refreshing affirmation and restatement of Biblical principles illustrated humbly and transparently from Roger’s own life experiences. His […]

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Evidence #19 by Roger Taylor

THE EVIDENCE IS IN:  Our flesh can be a dominant taskmaster if permitted.
As I speak of flesh here I am speaking of body and soul [mind, intellect and emotions].  This dynamic duo can be a powerful enemy to health and happiness.  In fact, wounded flesh can be a formidable enemy to Kingdom living.  Just think of the many ways our body and soul interact with each other.  For example, when your body isn’t feeling well, can it have a negative impact on your soul?  Likewise, if you soul is having some bad days, can it have a negative impact on your body?  The answer to both questions is obviously ‘yes’.  We’ve all had the experience, haven’t we?  Life itself has its struggles for everyone and we must learn to deal […]

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“Emotional Incest: The True Cost of a Bottle of Two-Buck Chuck” by Jerry & Denise Basel

When the parental role is reversed and the child becomes responsible for the cares and needs of the parent or the marriage, it creates a profound wound in the child. This is often termed “Parental Inversion.” A more serious form of this occurs when the child becomes the emotional (and sometimes physical) support, confidant and comforter for the parent. This is referred to as “Emotional Incest” or “Substitute Mate.”
One of our clients told his story of emotional incest through a letter he wrote to his mother. (This was not to give to her but to use as an exercise to help him process the pain, grieve the impact of the unhealthy relationship, then forgive and heal). We share his letter here with his permission, in hopes that his story may […]

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