The Coming Blessing ~ A Financial Tsunami ~ Gary Beaton

April  7, 2014

From the desk of Steve Shultz, Elijah List.

Gary Beaton is a prophetic voice to the Body that many of you have  not heard of to this point. Gary spent the last few years being an  important       assistant and friend to Bob Jones. This is a very encouraging word about the coming “financial  blessings” coming to many in the Body. But note that his word comes with  practical wisdom and counsel on how to properly position yourself –  such that the Lord can bless you and use you and trust you with finances  in these coming days.  Be sure to take this good counsel and then pray into this word, and ask the Lord how you can personally be prepared for the blessings the Lord wants to rain down upon you in this season.

To receive daily, encouraging prophetic emails from […]

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Birthing the Promises of God ~ Get Ready to Push by Elaine Tavalocci

In the New Testament we read about the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and telling her that she was going to conceive and bring forth a son, and His name would be called Jesus. Mary’s reply was “Behold the maidservant of the Lord. Let it be to me according to your word.” The Holy Spirit is showing me that although every one of us are carrying a promise from God, some of us are spiritually tired and emotionally drained. The time of being pregnant with Gods promises may be exhausting and seem long term, but don’t get weary in the process. A natural pregnancy is measured in three stages which are called trimesters. Many of you are in your third trimester. Don’t abort the baby because your due date is drawing near. Get ready to push. […]

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How Does God Provide A Water Well? He Sells a Hearse!

Over the years Father has made provision for us in some pretty unusual ways.  Many times He has chosen to make us wait on a financial miracle until the 11th hour and sometimes the 59th minute!  We know of other ministries who have experienced this same thing.  In these circumstances, Father is teaching us all to trust Him.  Often He will ask us, “Why do you reason you have no bread?  Have I not said in My Word, “I meet all your needs according to My riches in glory by Christ Jesus?”  The vast majority of times, we cave and ‘do something’ before that 11th hour and thus we thwart what He was doing to stretch our faith and trust in Him.  Oh, how many times we have blown it.  BUT we are learning to wait, and […]

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Stealing of Dreams ~ by Roger and Gerri

As we have walked now over 30+ years in ministry, we have many times seen the stealing of dreams and visions by the enemy.  Over and over we’ve met many who had been given dreams and visions from the Lord and yet those dreams and visions were derailed by the devil.  We often talk now about some of […]

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I Need Your Undivided Attention by Gerri

Many years ago the then Vice President of our ministry handed me a book by Ruth Heflin titled GLORY, Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven.  It left me ruined for the desire not only to experience His glory, but also as a worship leader to see those I lead in worship  experience this same glory. The main principle of the book was “praise ‘til the spirit of worship comes, worship ‘til His presence comes and then wait in His presence until He brings us into the glory.”  Over these 30+ years, I have hit many plateaus of the first 3 levels, always growing in His grace to allow me hundreds of personal as well as corporate times of coming into His presence and often delivering others into that Presence.

Recently, I was once again “ruined” when I read a […]

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The Pleasure of His Company by Dutch Sheets

Through his easy, readable style, Dutch has captured something that will “mess with you, ruin you, and change your life!!  Neither of us could put this one down.  Please do yourself a great favor.  GET THIS BOOK!  Blessings, Roger and Gerri

Here is an excerpt:

Our Destiny, God’s Dream

Most Christians, unfortunately, have no true intimacy with God, spend  very little time with Him, and have a very limited knowledge of His  heart   and ways. “A casual acquaintance” would best define their  relationship with Him. We mustn’t cheapen friendship by lowering the  standard.

I want to quickly point out, however, that friendship with God is possible for every Believer and is His desire for us. After Adam’s fall,        Abrahams walk with God was the first and probably the most in-depth revelation of this type of relationship. Three times in Scripture God        called him His friend—and […]

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God’s Intervention on Planet Earth by Ron McGatlin

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Ron’s new ebook God’s Intervention on Planet Earth.   It’s a free download here.  We highly recommend that you take advantage of its 16 pages.  You won’t be sorry.    In the Father’s love, Roger and Gerri

Probably every thinking person knows that extreme times and changes for the nations of the world are inevitable. The problems of this world are glaringly plain. However, real solutions are not at all apparent by natural understanding. Humanity and world conditions are such that there appears no solution without an intervention from God Almighty to do something to change the course of the world.

Many prophetic men and women have been speaking for years about major changes coming to the nations of the world. In past decades many prophetic warnings about cleansing judgments […]

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The Coming Promise ~ Bob Jones

On February 14, 2014, Valentine’s Day, well known seer prophet, Bob Jones, went home to be with the Lord.  The following prophecy was given by Bob in early January 2014 and was his last before going home.  It is not unusual for us here at PITFH to receive a copy of the same prophecy more than once, however we have received this one from difference sources at least 6 times or more!  That would indicate to us that this is a very strong and important word from the Lord to His Body.  It has deeply touched our hearts and we hope it will touch yours as well.

In the Father’s love,

Roger and Gerri



January 2014

Vision of the Apple Tree

While in a time of praise, Bob saw an apple tree in full bloom. As he prayed […]

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Finding Your Power in Father’s Lavish Love ~ Heidi Baker

Lavish is an incredibly rich word. It means “over the top, more than you could imagine”—like when we read, “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God” (1 John 3:1, NIV).

No matter how great we are, we do not naturally deserve to be called sons and daughters of God. Even if we achieved academic honors in school, the highest promotions in our jobs and every other qualification this world could possibly offer, we would never merit such a gift. Only His free and lavish love gives us the most beautiful title of all—not doctor, not lawyer, not apostle, but son or daughter.

We are the family God went out and found. He was so determined to call us sons and daughters that He suffered on a cross and […]

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The Ranch Vision

The Ranch Vision
Today, February 10, 2014, marks the 34th year since God called us to a retreat and restoration ministry and gave Roger the vision of the Ranch here in So. West Colorado. The number 34 means ‘endurance’ and can also be seen as 3+4 = 7 which is the Biblical number for ‘completion’ or 3×4 =12 which means ‘divine rule, power and authority.’
Over the days since the vision was given, 12,410 of them, we have learned many things, grown spiritually, and received so many  confirmations from the Lord, that we simply could not walk away from what Father has destined for us. Please don’t think that many times we haven’t wanted to!  But God…
Today we recall the many times He has brought people into our lives that have spoken significant words of direction and/or encouragement to us […]

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Walking in Dominion or Victimization ~ by Gerri

Victims walk in fear, but God’s word says, “Perfect love casts out all fear.”  Anyplace in our lives where we find fear, we can be certain that we are not walking in love.  Perfect love is not a thing; He is a Person, our Abba Father.

One of the biggest victories in my Christian walk was learning that I must walk in dominion rather than victimization.  For me, it began to happen as I realized how fearful I was and that I was more than performance orientated, I was super performance orientated! […]

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Diminished Stature ~ by Roger

How many of us in the Body of Christ truly live up to our rightful place as a child of the Most High God?  How many of us realize we are living below that place in God where He desires us to be?  How many of us believe we have succeeded in life when in God’s eyes we have failed to reach the heights of our calling?  In reality, what is our potential?  If I feel I have arrived and I’m satisfied with my accomplishments I would be wise to ask Father if He agrees with my assessment.  Otherwise, I risk living below my potential in God in a diminished stature. […]

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Whose Kingdom is Yours? ~ by Gerri

“The kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He shall reign forever and ever – King of kings and Lord of lords”.  ~The Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah.

Of whose kingdom do you belong?  If you walk in a religious spirit, then you belong to a worldly kingdom and the Lord Christ is not your focus.  Is the church your god?  Are you so busy performing for Him – doing good things for your self-worth, that you do not walk in intimacy with Him? […]

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2014 Follow Your Calling for the Best Year Yet ~ Rick Joyner

This article by Rick Joyner and the one that follows by Roger will stir your heart and also challenge you as we enter 2014.  We hope that you’ll take time to read both articles together and follow carefully the wisdom that Father is sharing with us concerning the New Year.  Great miracles as well as great challenges are ahead for everyone.  We will need Father and His love to help us navigate through what is coming.  Let’s choose life and blessing not death and cursing, for both will loom in our sights in the coming months.  I send you blessings for the coming year.  Gerri

Rick Joyner: Happy New Year! If You Follow Your Calling, This Will Be Your Best Year Yet
Jan 3, 2014

We will continue our study of how the kingdoms […]

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2014 A Monumental Year ~ By Roger

A couple of weeks ago a ministry partner recommended that we read a book by Bill Hamon entitled “Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God.”  We purchased it and I began to read.  The following quote really grabbed my attention.

“On April 20, 1996 John Jimenez coordinated a Washington for Jesus rally.  Approximately 1 million Christians attended.  The platform was on the front steps of the U. S. Capitol.  Though it rained most of the day, God’s purpose was accomplished.  At 8:30 AM Cindy Jacobs prayed an intercessory prayer for America over those gigantic loud speakers.  I (Bill Hamon) gave a prophetic decree and prophecy to the nation concerning God’s purpose and dealings with the USA.  One prophetic declaration was that God would move in His goodness, mercy, and spiritual revival to turn this nation back to God and […]

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5 Lessons to Follow for the New Year

Lesson 1 ~ The Cleaning Lady

During my se4cond month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz.  I was a  conscientious student and had breezed through the questions until I read the last one:  “What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?”  Surely this was some kind of joke, I thought.  I had seen the cleaning woman several times.  She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50’s, but how would I know her name?  I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank.  Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade.
“Absolutely,” said the professor.  “In your careers, you will meet many people.  All are significant…They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say “hello.”
I’ve never  forgotten […]

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A Message to All Parents of Prodigals (POP’s) ~ by Gerri

If you have son(s) and/or daughter(s) who are prodigals waiting to come home – NEVER EVER GIVE UP and NEVER underestimate the power of a praying parent!  If you do not have a prodigal, please be mindful of those that do.  Undergird and encourage them and offer to PRAY FOR THEIR PRODIGALS with them! If you are a POP, pray for YOUR prodigals and pray often for other prodigals and their parents, because every time you do, you release a seed for others to pray for YOUR prodigal!

This time of year is always especially difficult for parents of prodigals (POP’s).  Holidays can find the prodigals very far away from home sometimes physically, but always spiritually. Prodigals come in all sizes and in many phases of their departure from the Lord.  Some have just left and begun […]

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An Angel Named Seth ~ by Gerri

This morning we awakened to 4″ of new fallen snow.  It is breathtaking and beautiful.  When you step outside the silence of the moment allows the Holy Spirit to speak Father’s heart through that silence.  But with all it’s beauty also comes the work of snow removal.  Four inches doesn’t seem like much, but when you have to move it, it can be a daunting task for senior citizens!  Rog went out ahead of me to get started and he had about half of the driveway cleared when I came on the scene to try and help him.

In our new neighborhood we have a steep hill and the end of the driveway is at the base of this hill.  When the road plow comes off that hill, he is […]

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We declare over you:
“You are His beloved, you are victorious, you are glorious, you are stalwart, you are an overcomer, you are blessed, your are
creative, you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth, you are the righteousness of God in Christ, you are
the healed, you are the redeemed, you are accepted, you are loved, you are favored, you are prosperous, you are successful,  you are a blessing, you are the heir of God and you are the living and breathing, radiant example of God’s goodness on earth

Thanksgiving Blessings,

Roger and Gerri


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Stillness…the greatest preparation for intimacy – Al Ells

Here is a comment to our last post  from our mentor, Al Ells of Leaders That Last Ministries in Mesa, AZ.   It’s a really insightful word.

Dear Roger and Gerri:

This morning in my quiet time before Dad, He reminded me of 1 Kings 9-13 where Elijah did not find his Lord in the wind, the earthquake or the fire…but in the stillness.  Stillness is the greatest preparation for intimacy.  Stillness of movement, stillness of spirit, stillness of speech and stillness of thought.  Often times the deepest imprint of our Father’s love and light comes only when we are completely still before Him.  He speaks to us and loves on us most profoundly in the quiet.

Thanks for the encouragement,


Rev. Alfred H. Ells, MC
Executive Director
Leaders that Last Ministries
1356 E. McKellips Rd., #103
Mesa, AZ 85203

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“Hearken,” says the Lord


On November 14th we sent an email to our  mailing list encouraging all to slow down during this upcoming season.  Here is what we shared in that email:
As we all get ready for the holiday season, let’s remember to pause and spend quality and quantity time with Him.
May we all stop many times throughout our day and just say, “Holy Spirit Rest On Me.”

We bless you now in the peace that comes in knowing who you are and that you are doing what your Father wants you to do,
and that He is pleased with you.  We bless you with the blessing of savoring, soaking in and rejoicing in the protection of doing the right thing at the right time at the right place in the right way, because you know your identity in your Father’s house.  We […]

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Rescuing As Many As We Can – by Roger

Have you noticed that most of us don’t like to be challenged about our beliefs or traditions?  What is that phrase we’ve heard said, something like, “I’m comfortable where I am.  Don’t bother me with the truth.”  Sometimes a challenge to our beliefs/traditions produces an offensive response.  We get defensive, angry, fearful, or prideful […]

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Let Only God Define Your Destiny – Dutch Sheets

Oct 31, 2013

It has been said that one of our great purposes in life is to give  birth to ourselves. We have to find the purpose for which God created us, and allow Him to give birth to it.  Along the way, we must be very careful about what we allow to define us.

Throughout my life, I’ve had my fair lot of heart-wrenching situations, including the loss of loved ones, abandonment, rejection,  and betrayal from those whom I thought were trustworthy friends.  The  list goes on and on. Each of those circumstances tried to paralyze me  and imprison me, defining my destiny.  But, each time, God broke in,  offering me a way to freedom. […]

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PITFH Office Re-Opens in Colorado

We are pleased to announce that our relocation back to Colorado is now complete.  THE OFFICE HAS RE-OPENED AND WE ARE  AVAILABLE AGAIN FOR MINISTRY.  Our Father has been very faithful and has granted many of our heart’s desires in ways only He knew would be a blessing to us!  He has chosen to locate us in Forest Lakes, Bayfield, CO 81122 and our  mandate to see the hearts of men and women changed by the power of His love in our local area as well as around the world through the web has not changed.  We are very excited to begin this new part of our journey.  If you would like to contact us, you can do so by clicking here:  Please note we are now in Mountain Standard Time.


Roger and Gerri


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Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

We celebrated our 50th with our arrival back in Colorado!  Heavier but definitely happier, and with Father’s love shared together, we have accomplished something many do not accomplish in our culture today…50 years of marriage.  Today we have learned the art of love, honor and respect.  This is the result of our ever-growing, intimate relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and it is a blessing to be able to give away the secrets of a healthy love relationship with others when they inquire as to how we’ve succeeded in lasting so long!  In September 1963 we were in lust with each other.  Now in 2013, 50 years later, we are truly in love with each other and we are experiencing daily how to allow our human spirits to connect powerfully […]

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