Jewels in God’s Pocket ~ by Brenda Strait

I was thinking about the darkness that seems to surround some of our loved ones so thickly, and our tendency to fear that darkness; and remembered Isa 45:7 ‘I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity; I, the LORD, do all these things.’  and Psalm 18:11 ‘He made darkness His secret place ; His canopy around Him was dark waters and thick clouds of the skies.’   As I was pondering these things, I begin to laugh at the following picture that came to me. […]

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Experience the Impossible ~ by Bill Johnson

Experience the Impossible

Bill Johnson is at it again!  His new book title captured our attention!  Roger says it is one of the most practical approaches he’s read in a long time.  Here is the book review:

We all face difficulties in life, situations that seem hopeless and detour us away from our dreams.  Weighed down by the impossible, we forget that we have the power of Heaven within our grasp – power that can change any situation and overcome every problem.

With insight and passion, Bill shows how you can access this divine power through the Holy Spirit – and how the Spirit will endow you with the three supernatural gifts of 1 Corinthians 13:  faith, hope and love.  He reveals simple, practical ideas about these three aspects of Jesus’ grace that will […]

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How To Receive Father’s Love ~ Roger & Gerri

So often we are asked how do I receive the Father’s love. I can’t seem to get over the wall to find it. We always suggest reading the materials on our website.   They are free and will help you to build a foundation in the message of Father’s love. Secondly, you must decide to pursue His love for you. The scripture tells us “when you pursue Him, He will pursue you.” You must make this your magnificent obsession! When you do that, you WILL find Him and His love for you. […]

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Keeping it ‘Real’ ~ by Al Ells, MC

I deal in failure. Much of my time is spent working with leaders, husbands, wives, who have failed; people who have made a mess of life or those who the mess has affected. The painful part is that failure has many victims. Like ripples in a still lake, the moral failures of a pastor deeply affect many people. The first general reaction is one of disappointment and shock. […]

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The First One to the Cross Wins ~ by Al Ells, MC

Ever have a conflict with your spouse, associate or family member? Who won? Susan and I have had many conflicts in our marriage, especially when we were younger and more immature. Her common refrain was “you just want to win!” At first I didn’t agree – I thought she was the one who always wanted to win. Over the years I’ve become convinced we both want to win and so do most people in conflict.  But what does winning mean? […]

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Visions From Heaven ~ Wendy Alec



Visions from Heaven Visions From Heaven


If you have been through a season of adversity and testing and found yourself at the sheer rock face, encountering some of the fiercest trials and testing of your life, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK…

VISIONS FROM HEAVEN by Wendy Alec has touched our hearts more deeply than anything we have experienced in a very long time.  As most of you know we have been struggling for 8 years with serious health issues caused from Black Mold Poisoning.  We are very happy to report to you that our healing is now manifesting in our bodies and it all began when we read the revelation of ‘the sifting that Father allows’ in Wendy’s book.  If you don’t need this revelation now, you may need it in the […]

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Shopping For More Than Groceries ~ by Gerri

Today was my grocery shopping day at Wally World! It is our weekly trek to the big city of Durango. I used to do this chore by myself, but in recent times, we both have had health issues that make it difficult to do this alone, so my Dearly Beloved always goes with me. He dislikes this chore more than I do, for he is NOT a lover of shopping for anything! Because of his love, honor and respect for me and his desire to make certain I am safe at all times, he trudges along and is a great help! To make the trip more enjoyable, we always include our weekly date day in this trip! Sweet!

We always head prayerfully into Wally World wherever we are. […]

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God Values Time ~Sylvia Gunter

God values time. Receive my heart for you in this blessing. May all the ticks of the clock register in your life that is filled with obedience, enjoyment of God, and awareness of his watchfulness and love. May every present moment be blessed in him to experience his thoughts and emotions and to receive goodness from his hand. May your days be filled with teaching, intimacy, and trust. Be blessed with eyes on God and not on self, with humility, confession, and certainty of his ever present forgiveness and cleansing. Be constantly aware of his feeding hand, aware of tasting the Bread of Life in Jesus. Be blessed to be aware of his fire that burns within you by the Holy Spirit. Let him translate truth and grace into you with life and power.

May you be aware constantly of […]

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Unrepentant: A Bleak Future for the American Church ~ David Vigil

We have lived long enough now to watch the growth, or lack of it, in the American Church.  We remember the days of William Branham, Oral Roberts, A. A. Allen, Jack Coe, W. V. Grant, Raymond T. Richey, T. L. Osborn, Kenneth Hagin.  We ‘cut our teeth’ on these Father’s in the faith.  But we have also witnessed the decline of the American Church as well. We have long believed that if there is to be true revival within the church which will change the heart of America, we must change our definition of revival.  As Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church says, “Revival is not a series of meetings. Revival is when the Spirit of God has arrested the hearts of the people of God; the Presence of God has become the primary focus of the church; and […]

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On With It! ~ Michael Brown

Has God called you to go against the grain and swim against the tide? Has He called you to accomplish an impossible task? If so, this article is for you. […]

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At Your Wit’s End?

“They were at their wit’s end, then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and He brought them out of their distress.”  Ps 107:27-28

We know that many, like us, are often challenged by the events and circumstances that hinder us and even cause us to question if we have heard the Father’s voice correctly.  When promises are declared but detained in their fulfillment, it is very easy to become discouraged and lose hope.  We must learn how to avoid this pitfall.  Here  is a poem written by Antoinette Wilson that continues to encourage us.  We hope it will do that for you as well.  […]

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Weights Attempting to Cause You to Hesitate ~ Lana Vawser, Australia

“For My burden is easy and My yoke is light” – Matthew 11:30

I had a sense this morning that many are feeling the burden of heavy weights lately, a real heaviness over them, that is even affecting their physical bodies. I sensed that many are feeling this heaviness come upon them at times and this heaviness causes them to want to withdraw, be alone, and a flood of fearful thoughts flood in when this heaviness arises.

I sensed that many are fighting on a daily basis for their peace, that this heaviness is attempting to steal peace, joy and confidence.

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Who Can Be Helped?

After being involved in personal prayer ministry for many years, we finally learned that there are some folks who come to us that we are simply unable to help.  In the beginning of our maturing process, we always concluded that it must be us, however after some ‘growing up’ we learned that we cannot help everyone who comes, much as we’d like to.  We finally settled into a peace with Father that has allowed us to see that not everyone wants to make the changes and/or sacrifices necessary to be free.  Here is an article that came across our path recently written by Pastor Joseph Mattera and printed in Ministry Today Magazine.  He makes some very good points we all need to consider.  […]

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From time to time Father will interrupt my musings and take me to another place in the Spirit with Him. The other day, that happened and He shared the following list with me.

  1. Those who do not believe there is a God
  2. Those who believe in false gods
  3. Those who worship satan
  4. Those who are self-proclaimed Christians but not born again
  5. Those who are born again Christians but self-centered
  6. Those who are born again Christians and God-centered
  7. Those who are born again Christians, spirit filled, and working for the Kingdom
  8. Those who are born again Christians, spirit filled, pressing into Father and living in, by and through His powerful, transformational love

Muse over these with Father and let Him minister to your spirit man and tell you what category you are walking in.


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New Project at PITFH


We are excited to tell you about something new we’ve added to the website.


These brief moments are taken from Gerri’s journal. They will be short snippets that she shares along with soaking music provided for you to take just a few moments and let Father’s words resound in your own spirit. There is no plan for postings. They will come spontaneously as the Spirit gives them.

You Can Find Them Here


Simply go to the website and click on the button entitled


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Frustration ~ Graham Cooke

Frustration does not exist in the Kingdom.
It is a device of the world,
a negative construct contrary to
the nature of the Bright One

Frustration is an admission that we
are baffled, checked, blocked ~
neutralized in faith~
by people, circumstances, and opposition.
Frustration legitimized negative emotions,
giving them a place in our experience […]

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Holy Ghost Invasion ~ Henry Falcone



Not Another Movement: It is a “MOVING of God” as a Holy Ghost Invasion.

By Henry Falcone

In 2013 in the Capital Region of NY, we began to experience with the Saints of God who gathered in our meetings the Holy Ghost Invasion. The real work of God that He did in these meetings was and still is now, an “undercover” work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts that were open to receive it; a life changing work that will bring forth a New Jerusalem City.

As I look back over the last year this “moving of God in our midst “ began to bring that undercover work of the Holy Ghost in our midst. It began a divine separation of the sheep like I have never seen […]

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The Coming Blessing ~ A Financial Tsunami ~ Gary Beaton

April  7, 2014

From the desk of Steve Shultz, Elijah List.

Gary Beaton is a prophetic voice to the Body that many of you have  not heard of to this point. Gary spent the last few years being an  important       assistant and friend to Bob Jones. This is a very encouraging word about the coming “financial  blessings” coming to many in the Body. But note that his word comes with  practical wisdom and counsel on how to properly position yourself –  such that the Lord can bless you and use you and trust you with finances  in these coming days.  Be sure to take this good counsel and then pray into this word, and ask the Lord how you can personally be prepared for the blessings the Lord wants to rain down upon you in this season.

To receive daily, encouraging prophetic emails from […]

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Birthing the Promises of God ~ Get Ready to Push by Elaine Tavalocci

In the New Testament we read about the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and telling her that she was going to conceive and bring forth a son, and His name would be called Jesus. Mary’s reply was “Behold the maidservant of the Lord. Let it be to me according to your word.” The Holy Spirit is showing me that although every one of us are carrying a promise from God, some of us are spiritually tired and emotionally drained. The time of being pregnant with Gods promises may be exhausting and seem long term, but don’t get weary in the process. A natural pregnancy is measured in three stages which are called trimesters. Many of you are in your third trimester. Don’t abort the baby because your due date is drawing near. Get ready to push. […]

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How Does God Provide A Water Well? He Sells a Hearse!

Over the years Father has made provision for us in some pretty unusual ways.  Many times He has chosen to make us wait on a financial miracle until the 11th hour and sometimes the 59th minute!  We know of other ministries who have experienced this same thing.  In these circumstances, Father is teaching us all to trust Him.  Often He will ask us, “Why do you reason you have no bread?  Have I not said in My Word, “I meet all your needs according to My riches in glory by Christ Jesus?”  The vast majority of times, we cave and ‘do something’ before that 11th hour and thus we thwart what He was doing to stretch our faith and trust in Him.  Oh, how many times we have blown it.  BUT we are learning to wait, and […]

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Stealing of Dreams ~ by Roger and Gerri

As we have walked now over 30+ years in ministry, we have many times seen the stealing of dreams and visions by the enemy.  Over and over we’ve met many who had been given dreams and visions from the Lord and yet those dreams and visions were derailed by the devil.  We often talk now about some of […]

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I Need Your Undivided Attention by Gerri

Many years ago the then Vice President of our ministry handed me a book by Ruth Heflin titled GLORY, Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven.  It left me ruined for the desire not only to experience His glory, but also as a worship leader to see those I lead in worship  experience this same glory. The main principle of the book was “praise ‘til the spirit of worship comes, worship ‘til His presence comes and then wait in His presence until He brings us into the glory.”  Over these 30+ years, I have hit many plateaus of the first 3 levels, always growing in His grace to allow me hundreds of personal as well as corporate times of coming into His presence and often delivering others into that Presence.

Recently, I was once again “ruined” when I read a […]

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The Pleasure of His Company by Dutch Sheets

Through his easy, readable style, Dutch has captured something that will “mess with you, ruin you, and change your life!!  Neither of us could put this one down.  Please do yourself a great favor.  GET THIS BOOK!  Blessings, Roger and Gerri

Here is an excerpt:

Our Destiny, God’s Dream

Most Christians, unfortunately, have no true intimacy with God, spend  very little time with Him, and have a very limited knowledge of His  heart   and ways. “A casual acquaintance” would best define their  relationship with Him. We mustn’t cheapen friendship by lowering the  standard.

I want to quickly point out, however, that friendship with God is possible for every Believer and is His desire for us. After Adam’s fall,        Abrahams walk with God was the first and probably the most in-depth revelation of this type of relationship. Three times in Scripture God        called him His friend—and […]

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God’s Intervention on Planet Earth by Ron McGatlin

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Ron’s new ebook God’s Intervention on Planet Earth.   It’s a free download here.  We highly recommend that you take advantage of its 16 pages.  You won’t be sorry.    In the Father’s love, Roger and Gerri

Probably every thinking person knows that extreme times and changes for the nations of the world are inevitable. The problems of this world are glaringly plain. However, real solutions are not at all apparent by natural understanding. Humanity and world conditions are such that there appears no solution without an intervention from God Almighty to do something to change the course of the world.

Many prophetic men and women have been speaking for years about major changes coming to the nations of the world. In past decades many prophetic warnings about cleansing judgments […]

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The Coming Promise ~ Bob Jones

On February 14, 2014, Valentine’s Day, well known seer prophet, Bob Jones, went home to be with the Lord.  The following prophecy was given by Bob in early January 2014 and was his last before going home.  It is not unusual for us here at PITFH to receive a copy of the same prophecy more than once, however we have received this one from difference sources at least 6 times or more!  That would indicate to us that this is a very strong and important word from the Lord to His Body.  It has deeply touched our hearts and we hope it will touch yours as well.

In the Father’s love,

Roger and Gerri



January 2014

Vision of the Apple Tree

While in a time of praise, Bob saw an apple tree in full bloom. As he prayed […]

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