Betrayal Yields to Honor ~ by Gerri

Recently we were deeply betrayed by someone very close to us. As I have taken time to reflect on this issue, Father took me back to the first time I was ever betrayed. I was 11 years old and had a huge crush on a guy in my 6th grade class. He came over to my house one day to hang out and while he was there another girl from our class called him – at my house no less! How dare she? He talked briefly with her, hung up and said, “I have to go now.”

“Where are you going?” I demanded to know.

“I’m going to _____’s house,” he said as he flew out the front door.

He was going to leave my house and go to see the other girl.

Betrayed at the deepest level of my little girl heart, […]

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Roger’s Journal

Roger’s Journal 6/17/16 10 pm

High minded and influenced by worldly possessions, religious leaders play bait and switch with unsuspecting people.   They speak of Me, but all the while manipulate the people to themselves. Their focus is prosperity, position and power. They do not seek Me because they have no room for Me in their agenda. Their view of life revolves around self-centered gain. They knowingly deceive their simple, but faithful followers. Woe unto you liars, hypocrites. Woe unto you!

For those of you My children who are leaders of My true church, I honor you for taking the fruit of our relationship and presenting it to your people. You bring them the opportunity for true love and life beyond earthly measure. Such good and powerful gifts spread naturally person to person. Lift up your heads and smell the sweetness, the […]

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Roger’s Journal

Roger’s Journal

6/15/16 10 pm

Daddy, do you have anything to say to me tonight? Is there anything I need to know?

Father: Son, I have spoken to you about the Heavens and about My Kingdom. I have spoken to you about judgment for sin. I have spoken to you about life and love and now I speak to you about grace. […]

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The Path to Promotion – Kris Vallotton

As I have gotten older, I have a growing revelation of an overall lack of value for the elderly in our culture, which has resulted in an obsession with everyone trying to look young. There is a secret yet deep-seated fear among the aged of being terminated from the life-blood of our communities by being relegated to the shadows of society.

The lengths the elderly go through to disguise themselves as youthful highlights the fear they have of being cast into the land of shadows – the lonely, purposeless place where the aged wait to die.

Dysfunctional society

This has led to numerous dysfunctions and brokenness in our communities that affect every corner of society, from the family to the work place. Succession and inheritance have often been replaced with entitlement, where the young vultures circle, waiting to feast on the accomplishments of […]

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Clarity of Thought – Purity of Spirit

From Roger’s Journal – 6/6/16 10pm

There is a place where the air is pure. It has been decontaminated to enhance clarity of thought and purity of spirit. It called My Kingdom. I have told you repeatedly that it is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, yet you seem to prefer the world and its contamination. What must I do to help you realize that your rightful place as My child is My Kingdom? It is your inheritance from Me. It has been prepared for you in detail. This is a now thing and it’s extremely important. I have warned you of very difficult days ahead, yet you do not listen.   Your self-centeredness, your stubbornness, your rebellion will involve you in the pain from the judgement that is just ahead. Take this opportunity to make your necessary course […]

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First One to the Cross Wins – Al Ells

The First One to the Cross Wins
by Alfred Ells, M.C.
Ever have a conflict with your spouse, associate or family member? Who won? Susan and I have had many conflicts in our marriage, especially when we were younger and more immature. Her common refrain was “you just want to win!” At first I didn’t agree – I thought she was the one who always wanted to win. Over the years I’ve become convinced we both want to win and so do most people in conflict. But what does winning mean? People may define it differently, but it boils down to insisting statements like “I know I’m right, period” or “I’m not wrong, you’re wrong” or even “I just want to be heard”, really meaning “you need to agree with me”. Common to each of these beliefs is the word […]
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Under the stars at night mankind is in a fight — for his soul!  His flesh cries out for satisfaction, but nothing satisfies his hunger.  This way and that, turn, look search, ask, demand and fight some more.  Somewhere, somehow it must end.  The pressure, the torment, the frustration, the fear, doesn’t anyone hear the cry of the Father — COME UNTO ME.  Let Me love you to life.  Release the searching, the striving, the frustration and disappointment.  I am everything you are searching for.  I am complete satisfaction for the human existence.   Repent for your independent spirit.  You need Me and all that I am and all that I have prepared for you.  I offer you My Kingdom.  The price is your repentance, surrender and humility.  Ask Me to forgive you, then step into My grace and My […]

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Two Powerful Testimonies by a Mother and Daughter

As I sit here thinking about all the changes in my life that have happened as a result of prayer ministry with the Taylor’s and Places in the Father’s Heart ministries, only 2 word come to mind, ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!   Eight months ago when I was reconnected with the Taylor’s after many years apart, my life was a total shamble. I was so physically sick, years of untreated diabetes had left me on extremely, super large doses of insulin. […]

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12 Attributes of Courage – by Kris Vallotton

Your destiny lies on the other side of your fear. I’m convinced that the devil knows your destiny better than you do! I believe that God is calling us to courage, but we can’t conquer what we refuse to confront. Christopher Columbus said, “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

I think that many of us have misjudged our circumstances in life, thinking that this is the worst time of your life. I believe that in this dark time, you are on the verge of getting the breakthrough you have prayed for 15, 20, 30 years. Here are 12 attributes of courage to encourage you to keep going. […]

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SOMETHING BIG IS COMING IN 2016 ~ Michael Snyder

Over the years Roger has posted many times what he has heard from Father concerning America.  Recently these messages have been coming more frequently. He is always concerned about posting them, but as others have called him a prophet to the land, he feels must be obedient to Father to share what he senses the Lord is speaking. This message from 5 prominent watchmen concerning America are strong confirmations to the prophetic messages we have posted.  Please, Dear Readers, take a few minutes to HARKEN to what Father is saying in the following article.
5 Prominent Watchmen Issue Exceedingly Ominous Warnings
The watchmen are warning America.
Is a great shaking about to hit America? Is 2016 going to turn out to be one of the major turning points in our history? On The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American […]
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When Mother’s Day is Difficult – Holly Gerth


by Holley Gerth

Soon we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day once again. For many families, it’s a time of celebration, appreciation, and joy. But for others, it’s one of the most difficult days of the year. This is especially true for women facing infertility or those who have recently experienced the loss of a mother, daughter, or other loved one.

I know what it’s like for Mother’s Day to be difficult. My husband and I struggled with infertility for almost a decade and experienced loss along the way. While we learned to live in hope and God eventually gave us a daughter (we adopted her when she was twenty-one years old!), we still remember the hurt and how holidays could bring it to the surface.

I also know what it’s like for Mother’s Day to be difficult because of experiences from working as a […]

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A Strange Tongue With Interpretation – from Roger’s Journal

May 2, 2016

I had a strange tongue with the following interpretation:

The winds of fire blow scorching the vulnerable places, searching for more fuel, demanding more fuel.  O the pain and suffering carried in the fire; a holocaust of sorts that is self-inflicted.  Pressing into sin, the darkness closes in.  Clouded, confused, irrational thinking becomes common place.  Lies and deception become truth to live by.  Consumption becomes inordinate, a bondage to live by.  Sacrifice on many alters of self-centeredness increase when satisfaction doesn’t come.  No release, striving, striving, no release; torment of mind and body.  The wages of sin is death.  Fruitless darkness, unnecessary suffering, an arrogant, Godless existence without hope, without resolution unless you humble yourselves and come to Me.  How far must you fall?  What price must you pay?  When […]

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Learning to Love the Learning – Graham Cooke

Life is a relentless learning process. Every situation, problem, people difficulty and oppositional circumstance has something to teach us about God and ourselves.

Through it all, we learn to stand in God and press into His majesty. We learn to overcome, persist, and receive under pressure. We learn to rejoice always, and in everything give thanks. And most importantly, we learn God’s will for us in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Every blessing, act of goodness, expression of favor, and promise teaches us about the nature of God. What we learn and believe about His nature gradually becomes our character.

There is not a single occurrence in our lives that does not have some learning opportunity attached to it.

I find it virtually impossible to become Christ-like when everything is going well.

But when I stay stuck, downhearted, or discouraged, it is usually a […]

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Love Hunger ~ The Curse We All Share – by Roger

When I think of curses, I’m drawn to Adam and Eve.  They unleashed the curse of sin on mankind.  All generations after them were denied the place of privilege that they were created for and love hunger began.  Satan’s greatest accomplishment in the Garden was separating man from God.  Sin always separates.  There are two tragedies here, the introduction of sin to the human existence and the loss of intimate relationship with Father.
After their sin, what was Adam and Eve’s response when they heard God walking in the Garden?  They ran and hid themselves.  Why would they do that?  Adam said it was because they were afraid and naked.  Fear and shame are powerful, negative motivators and they also separate us, even from people we are supposed to love.  This was a new reality for Adam and Eve.  […]
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Father Issues

Often we carry unresolved conflict towards our earthly father or father figures that can hinder us from intimacy with God. Sometimes, there still lies unconscious hidden core pain from our father relationship within our mind, will, our emotions (the soul). Hidden core pain can result from a father’s spoken insults, broken promises, outright rejection, demeaning looks, disappointments, grief, or abandonment. These FATHER ISSUES can influence our ability to fully trust being intimate with the heavenly Father. Our image of Father God has become shaded by our image of our earthly fathers as we transfer to Father God many of our feelings about our earthly fathers.

How we see Father God determines whether we can receive love, security, acceptance, rest, comfort, provision, and healing in His presence. Even a small flaw in our earthly father’s character can distort our ability to […]

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From Roger’s Journal ~

4/5/16, Tuesday 10 PM

Daddy said: “Write this.”

Today is a new day between Heaven and earth. I have given instructions for My next stage of tactics. With love abounding, judgment must fall upon those choosing judgment…the beast unleashed. The angry, destructive, isolated beast has been unleashed to fall upon his own. No fear. My children must remain focused on Me. Destruction does not belong to you. Life and blessing are your inheritance, so stay with Me. You end is better than your beginning, just the opposite of those who oppose Me. If you are religious, repent and come to Me. If you are lost, repent and come to Me. If you are worldly, repent and come to Me. Come and shelter with Me. My plan for your life is overwhelmingly bigger than you have imagined or considered. Your roll in […]

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FH000004_editedOn Good Friday evening and early this Easter morning while soaking and journaling with Father, we received two separate entries into our journals. As you read, please note that Father refers to Gerri as “Dear One” and to Roger as “son”. We share them with you here as Father’s Easter message to us and to the church.

Sunday Morning from Gerri’s journal:

Gerri: We celebrate the risen Savior, Jesus our Lord this morning. How could we ever thank You enough, Father, for sending Your Son to die for us? How could we ever thank You enough, Jesus, for making the ultimate sacrifice so we could have a way to Father? And Daddy, thank You for the wonderful Comforter and Guide You left us in Your Holy Spirit. We celebrate all Three of You […]

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RESCUED by Roger Taylor

Webster’s Definition of RESCUED: to free from confinement, danger, or evil:  save, deliver

Stop and think about it. How many times have we been rescued? How many times has Father made provision to save us from something? Do we always accept His provision for our rescue? Why should we even consider the subject? Well, perhaps gratitude would be a good place to start. […]

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Marriage means to merge – the two become one flesh. It’s a mystery that begins with a blood covenant. It’s the reason why God gave women a hymen, so the covenant could be ratified before the children were conceived.

Some people marry, but never merge. Independence, fear, mistrust, selfishness, and unforgiveness become impregnable walls of division – a force field of indiscretion.

A mergerless marriage leaves Adam (husband and wife) “alone,” longing and yearning for connection, feeling incomplete, abandoned and isolated.

When the mystery of matrimony is nullified, marriage is reduced to a mere partnership; agreements exchanged, duties assigned, and territory surveyed. […]

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SURRENDER – by Roger

Webster’s Definition of ‘surrender’: to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand ; to give up completely or agree to forego especially in favor of another.

I believe this word to be a key to our Christian experience. How does it strike you? It may seem to suggest weakness, but I believe it is part of our pathway to a powerful life as a child of the Most High God. The depth or completeness of our surrender to God determines our ability to fulfill our purpose and destiny in God.   When I say our purpose and destiny in God, what comes to mind? Our calling, our ministry or what? If this is what you are thinking then I believe you have the cart before the horse so to speak. If you don’t realize that […]

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The Ministry of Restitution & Reconciliation in New Audio Download Format


Father's LoveThe Ministry of Restitution & Reconciliation
An Audio eBook
By Roger & Gerri Taylor

The ministry of restitution and reconciliation is all about walking in forgiveness. It belongs to all of us. It is about extending grace in Father’s love and taking ownership for our sin of mis-representing His love to others. This eBook will reveal the process and priorities of this ministry and step by step instructions on how to accomplish one of the greatest gifts we can give away – forgiveness.

Don’t want to read The Ministry of Restitution and Reconciliation in eBook format? It is now available in a downloadable format for those who would rather listen to the content.

New Audio Download Now Available

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16 Ways to Discern a Religious System – Joseph Mattera

Jesus and the apostles did not inaugurate another religious system but the age of the kingdom of God. As we examine the gospels and the book of Acts, the main theme of the preaching was the kingdom of God—not the church and not a religion.

The church is not the kingdom but the main agent of the kingdom to represent God and manifest His government in the earth realm. In spite of this fact, many churches and denominations have historically bypassed Scripture and created a secondary tradition that is nowhere close to the way of Jesus and the apostles. I believe the time is presently at hand in which God is shaking the global church and establishing kingdom principles.

God is ripping away extraneous second-tier traditions that are opposed to His kingdom—irrespective of denominational affiliation. It is important for believers to understand […]

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20 Things to Pray for Your Children – Sylvia Gunter

Praying For Children

Lord, I prayed for this child, and You have granted me what I asked of You.

1 Samuel 1:27

These Scripture-based prayers are dedicated to this most important responsibility and privilege of a parent or grandparent or teacher for children of all ages.

Lord, what do You want for my children?

Guide me by Your Spirit as I pray for my children according to Your will. I release them to You so that You can accomplish Your will for their lives. Work the life of Christ in them and give them Your best.

I pray that my children would:

1. Receive and love Jesus as their Savior… May they understand that You love them so much that You gave Your only Son for them, and when they believe in Him, they will have life forever with You. John 3:16

2. Commit their […]

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In 2008, Roger heard Father clearly say, “Son, I want you to stop merchandizing the anointing.”  Inquiring further from Daddy, He explained to us that we could no longer say we walk by faith and trust the Lord, and still continue to trust in our financial partners, the sale of Roger’s artwork, or any other ministry offerings.  It became apparent to us that we would need to seriously adjust the way we were doing ministry.  We were following after most ministries out there that depended greatly on the sales of their materials, or their retreat or conference fees, or charging for other ministerial services for their support.  Asking Father to tell us what to do, He clearly said, “Do everything on a love offering basis.”
Shortly after we received this new instruction, we removed the ‘store’ from our website and began offering […]

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