Have an Enemy? by Al Ells

I have a good friend who has an enemy; someone who is trying to discredit him and his ministry.  Among other things, this foe created an anonymous website wherein he posts inflammatory blogs, lodges complaints and misconstrues incidents.  Obviously, my friend is very bothered by this.  He asked me how he should respond to the attacks.  My emotions want to tell him to fight against the guy.  But reason prevailed and I had to prayerfully consider my counsel.
What would you tell someone who has an enemy?

The Scripture is replete with stories of God’s people having to deal with their enemies.  The New Testament offers solid advice on what to do and what not to do.  Here are some thoughts to consider when you are faced with the difficult challenge of having an enemy.

  1.  Don’t go to war, go to […]
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9 Keys to Successful Leadership – Kris Vallotton

Leading people can be challenging at times, but if you do it well it will help you fulfill your destiny. Here are 9 keys to successful leading to help you on your way:

  1. The depth of your success is determined by the quality of the people with you. Success is a team sport; no one ever succeeds alone. Therefore, the impact of your leadership ability is measured by the size of people you attract to lead alongside you.
  2. Your capacity for success is determined by your courage to take great risks, and the wisdom to know when not to.
  3. The sustainability of your success lies in the divine tension between having a short memory in the courage department of your mind when you fail, and a having long-term memory in the wisdom department of your mind so you don’t […]
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When Our Prayer Life Changes ~ by Wayne Jacobsen

This process of inner transformation is fascinating to watch, in my own life and others. It’s disorienting for many when their age-old religious practices start to shift. I know it was for me.  One day you’re doing a regimen of Bible reading and prayer, feeling good about yourself for ticking all the boxes. Then, they seem lifeless, or at least ineffective. Part of you says keep doing it no matter what, another part invites you down a journey away from religious obligation to discover what a real engagement with the Scriptures or God might be. I enjoy stories of those who take the road less traveled, and risk moving away from the lifeless status quo to discover a real relationship with God.

Transformation comes slowly. We may even been a bit naughty at the beginning since we’re not doing the things we’re […]

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Where We’re Going Doesn’t Look Anything Like Where We’ve Been ~ by Roger

Today we had the privilege of having lunch with Ron, our banker, who is a dear Brother and longtime friend and advisor. Because of busy schedules, we have little time together, so we really look forward to each opportunity we can have lunch or meet together. It’s always rewarding for us and we always come away encouraged. Needless to say, we treasure this relationship. During our conversation today, I made the statement ‘that the Gospel has changed. What we have known as the Gospel is no longer valid. Father has changed the season and the focus for the church.   This new season is not about religion or performing for God or studying about God. This new season is all about knowing God.’  In his kind and gentle way, Ron said he would take issue with my statement that the […]

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Roger’s Journal – 8/12/2016 10 pm

Rain drops are falling on your head, but if you look up you’ll see not a cloud in the sky. The rain drops are tears from legions of angels weeping over the Godless condition of humanity. It is heart breaking for all of us to watch as generations of struggle have led to this end. Godless choices always lead to Godless consequences. Humanity has become an abomination, a stench in My nostrils, but you, My children, are the exception. You have privilege and responsibility. You have the privilege to hear My voice and you have the responsibility to carry out your purpose and destiny that I have designed for you. It is time for you to hear My clarion call and come to Me, take up your Heavenly assignment and work with Me to save as many people as […]

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Defiling the Gift of Servant ~ by Gerri

Today in the Body of Christ we often see those with the gift of service or the servant defiling their gift or allowing others to defile it. The servant’s positive qualities can include: they are diligent; they have few enemies; they are helpful; they are alert; they are hospitable; they have high spiritual authority; they often have a low self-image; they are impeccably honest; they are team players, they are prone to the victim spirit.

One of the greatest downfalls of the servant is that they often let their loyalty to those they serve become idolatry. […]

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Roger’s Journal ~ 8/6/2016

As darkness puts a growing strangle hold on society, the word ‘outrage’ will become common place. The American people have sowed, now the reaper will come and outrage will spill over into the streets. Catastrophic events will result in outrage as darkness blinds leadership with incompetence. Confusion will reign at every turn. It will seem as if everyone is against you. Fear and gnashing of teeth will eventually turn to anger and rage; lashing out each man against his neighbor, family against family. The coming poverty will be physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. The common question will be ‘where did our life go?’ Lost like little children, many will be ripe for resolution of their struggles. This is where My remnant will step forward and offer solutions. The miraculous will become common-place also and the truth will set multitudes […]

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Vending Machine or Friend – by Roger

Is God my personal vending machine or a personal friend? A vending machine is impersonal. It can offer nothing but a product of our choice with no additional benefit or blessing. [Insert coin and select D-3!] In other words, we are limited and bound by our own wisdom and knowledge in our choices, instead of immersing ourselves in a love relationship with all the wisdom and knowledge that birthed our existence. […]

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Our Identity is Favor ~ by Graham Cooke

Jesus grew in favor before God & man. And now we have the opportunity to do the same.

You don’t become a new person by changing your behavior. You focus on the person you already are in Christ and behave accordingly! This revelation of our new identity and ‘elevated status,’ is the cornerstone of our attack upon everything negative in our lives. The Father is joyfully, lovingly making war on all our negativity. All we must do is choose our side. […]

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What’s The Anger All About – by Al Ells

Our culture is full of angry people,” said one pastor.  “We have angry spouses, drive-by shootings, police assassinations and gang vendettas.  But the anger isn’t just out there, there is also anger and frustration in our own lives.”

Research indicates that frustration, irritation, insult, annoyance, offense, and rage are humans’ most frequently experienced emotions.  These negative emotions tend to last longer than positive or neutral emotions.  They lead to inappropriate behaviors and moments, and tend to adversely affect relationships.  When angry, humans feel more powerful than when calm.  This sense of power makes anger difficult to admit to, change or control.  The only other emotion that people are less likely to want to change is joy. […]

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Paupers or Royalty by Roger

When our heart is self-centered we usually struggle in our relationship with God and find pleasure in the world. However, when our heart becomes God-centered we usually struggle with the world and find pleasure in our relationship with God! Are you up for the challenge of defeating self-centeredness?

The transition from living in the flesh my way (self-centeredness) to living in the Spirit Father’s way can be rewarding, fulfilling and exciting and also difficult, stressful and aggravating as you make the journey. Breaking the habits of living by the flesh can be an arduous task; however learning to live in the spirit brings Heaven to earth. Father makes it all possible to those who are committed to life for and with Him.

Born again Christians who continue to live for themselves in the flesh, self-centered and in the world destine themselves […]

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Simple Choices – by Roger

In the basket of blessing that God has given to mankind we find our gift of a free will.  Since God is good all the time, I believe all His gifts are good. What we do with them will determine whether the outcome is good or not so good. Sometimes it is a simple choice on our part.  Adam gives us evidence of our freedom to choose and the consequence of wrong choices.   Adam had no reasons except simple choice. He lived in a sinless world, in a perfect environment, with a perfect parent. All his needs were met physically, emotionally and spiritually, but he had the freedom to choose. […]

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Brothers and Sisters the season we have been awaiting has arrived. THRUST IN YOUR SICKLE! Harvest time of the world is finally here.

Last evening, Friday July 8th, 2016, I went to bed and was thinking about several times in the past when God had spoken significant words to me during the night, words that often dealt with major things that God was doing or was soon bringing about in the world. As I laid down I asked the Father if he had something for me. There was only peaceful silence.

The next morning, July 9th, 2016, was one of our weekly shopping days when Barbara and I get up early to arrive at Walmart usually before 6am. Afterward, as usual, we went […]

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Roger’s Journal 6/29/2016

6/29/2016               Roger: Daddy I don’t know how You can be so patient with mankind.

Father: “Well, son, My patience has run out! I have asked Jesus to step in and bring righteous judgment on My behalf. The melting down of Godless societies will now accelerate. Their idolatrous comfort zones will crumble under their feet. Trouble will now find leadership. Most of them have felt untouchable. That is no longer true. As leadership panics the people’s foundation will crumble. The chaos will not be silent and satan will be on hand to fan the flames of upheaval. This is the ugly beginning of My righteous judgment against a people purposing evil and wickedness. Ignoring My warnings will have severe consequences of which there is no escape! Peace in the midst of chaos will be jaw-dropping to many and some will […]

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Identity That Changes the Atmosphere ~ Patti Atchison


Your identity in God releases the glory of God into the earth.  Whoever God says you are does not change with circumstances.  Your God ordained identity releases “glory” filled atoms into the atmosphere causing atmospheric changes with your identity-filled presence.

Your revelation of identity is what satan is trying to steal with lies, which is why Paul prayed for God to open the eyes of your understanding.  Ephesians 1  Truth releases you from lies that steal your identity.

The more understanding or revelation of who you are, the more your actions will change.  Identity is the ‘key’ to victory!

Proverbs 25:2 Passion Translation  “God conceals the revelation of His word in the hiding place of His glory.”

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Hidden Agenda by Roger

I just realized that for most of my life I’ve had a hidden agenda; hidden I’d hoped from family, friends and co-workers. I don’t believe I had any evil intentions. I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, but I constantly found myself stretching the truth, if not outright lying about how I felt personally about a situation, a relationship, or an event. I minimized fault on my part and pointed fingers at others to deflect criticism or responsibility for any failure. I not only took credit when credit wasn’t deserved, but whenever […]

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A Practical Guide to Living in Peace by Kris Vallotton

Many people live in fear and anxiety much of their lives, but it is possible to break free from this bondage and live an abundant life. Here is a practical guide to living in peace:


Fear has an eco-system. Fear distorts the facts and retells the story towards a negative outcome. The anticipation of a negative outcome increases my anxiety, which unleashes more adrenaline in my body. Greater levels of adrenaline cause an increase in my toxic thoughts. This increased toxicity releases more adrenaline…and the beat goes on until I finally have a panic attack.

  1. When negative thoughts are not resisted, but instead cultivated by dwelling on them for more than a few hours, they become attitudes. Attitudes are a “way” of thinking. So I go from a bad thought to a bad way that I process information. Eventually, I become pessimistic. […]
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Extraordinary Love and Power to Break Free ~ Ron McGatlin

God is now releasing extraordinary love and power into the hearts and lives of humble servants who are becoming sons for the extreme transformation of the world. I have never before heard God speak with such a tone of desperate pleading. God is not at all desperate within Himself, but the plight of His people is desperate. He is pleading for you and me to BREAK FREE!

Many if not most Christians have been limited in serious bondage within their own hearts and minds. Errant religious training and godless secular education have blocked their ability to hear and receive the current release of love and power to transform the world.


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Prayer Ministry eBook Cover

In these pages you will walk with us through our own healing journey as well as some of the journeys of those to whom we have had the privilege of praying with. You will see some of our failures and certainly you will read of some of our biggest victories. Whether you have the desire to bring healing to others or you are seeking your own healing, this book is for you.


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Roger’s Journal

6/26/16 10 PM

Roger: “Daddy do You have anything to say to me tonight?”

Father: “Yes, My son, I am pregnant with power and anointing, with gifts of all kinds, with revelation, with instruction and direction, with joy unspeakable, with healings and with multiple diversities of calling and destiny! Do you know anyone who might enjoy receiving what I plan to birth? Do you know anyone who might be willing to purify themselves so they might carry the holy blessings to their intended destinations? Some of My chosen must step forward in humility and grace to receive the gifts that are birthed and work with Me to ensure they accomplish their purpose. More of the details of the Mercy Season will be revealed and become more evident as this birthing takes place. Holy! Holy! Holy! I birth that which is holy! […]

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Betrayal Yields to Honor ~ by Gerri

Recently we were deeply betrayed by someone very close to us. As I have taken time to reflect on this issue, Father took me back to the first time I was ever betrayed. I was 11 years old and had a huge crush on a guy in my 6th grade class. He came over to my house one day to hang out and while he was there another girl from our class called him – at my house no less! How dare she? He talked briefly with her, hung up and said, “I have to go now.”

“Where are you going?” I demanded to know.

“I’m going to _____’s house,” he said as he flew out the front door.

He was going to leave my house and go to see the other girl.

Betrayed at the deepest level of my little girl heart, […]

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Roger’s Journal

Roger’s Journal 6/17/16 10 pm

High minded and influenced by worldly possessions, religious leaders play bait and switch with unsuspecting people.   They speak of Me, but all the while manipulate the people to themselves. Their focus is prosperity, position and power. They do not seek Me because they have no room for Me in their agenda. Their view of life revolves around self-centered gain. They knowingly deceive their simple, but faithful followers. Woe unto you liars, hypocrites. Woe unto you!

For those of you My children who are leaders of My true church, I honor you for taking the fruit of our relationship and presenting it to your people. You bring them the opportunity for true love and life beyond earthly measure. Such good and powerful gifts spread naturally person to person. Lift up your heads and smell the sweetness, the […]

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Roger’s Journal

Roger’s Journal

6/15/16 10 pm

Daddy, do you have anything to say to me tonight? Is there anything I need to know?

Father: Son, I have spoken to you about the Heavens and about My Kingdom. I have spoken to you about judgment for sin. I have spoken to you about life and love and now I speak to you about grace. […]

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The Path to Promotion – Kris Vallotton

As I have gotten older, I have a growing revelation of an overall lack of value for the elderly in our culture, which has resulted in an obsession with everyone trying to look young. There is a secret yet deep-seated fear among the aged of being terminated from the life-blood of our communities by being relegated to the shadows of society.

The lengths the elderly go through to disguise themselves as youthful highlights the fear they have of being cast into the land of shadows – the lonely, purposeless place where the aged wait to die.

Dysfunctional society

This has led to numerous dysfunctions and brokenness in our communities that affect every corner of society, from the family to the work place. Succession and inheritance have often been replaced with entitlement, where the young vultures circle, waiting to feast on the accomplishments of […]

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Clarity of Thought – Purity of Spirit

From Roger’s Journal – 6/6/16 10pm

There is a place where the air is pure. It has been decontaminated to enhance clarity of thought and purity of spirit. It called My Kingdom. I have told you repeatedly that it is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, yet you seem to prefer the world and its contamination. What must I do to help you realize that your rightful place as My child is My Kingdom? It is your inheritance from Me. It has been prepared for you in detail. This is a now thing and it’s extremely important. I have warned you of very difficult days ahead, yet you do not listen.   Your self-centeredness, your stubbornness, your rebellion will involve you in the pain from the judgement that is just ahead. Take this opportunity to make your necessary course […]

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