MASTERING LOVE:  The art of receiving must come before the privilege of giving.

MASTERING LIFE:   Living in love is the pinnacle of life experience.

MASTERING LOVE:  Loves transformational power energized purpose and destiny.

MASTERING LIFE:   Life’s success is measured by how much of ourselves we’ve given to serve God and others.

MASTERING LOVE:  Father’s love empowers us to conquer self-centeredness, lust, hate, fear  and worldly

MASTERING LIFE:  Father said, “It is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!”  This is supernatural living.

MASTERING LOVE:  Father’s true love conquers the wicked heart of man.

MASTERING LIFE:  Relationships rooted in Father’s love have the potential to bring change to families,
churches, cities, states and nations.

MASTERING LOVE:  Father’s love is the ultimate power of all creation.

MASTERING LIFE:  When Father says, “I love you and I’m as close as your breath,” our life enters a new stage and takes on a new perspective.

MASTERING LOVE:  Experiencing Father’s love is like using dynamite against our walls of self-protection,
fear and control.

MASTERING LIFE:  Breaking the power of flesh and natural living releases us to the potential for Kingdom living.

MASTERING LOVE:  As Father’s love fills our love tank the essence of our presence and our countenance reflect our newness of life.

MASTERING LIFE:  Humbling ourselves, yielding our way for His and obeying His instructions paves our pathway to intimate relationship with Father.

MASTERING LOVE:  Unexpected, unexplainable and sometimes unreasonable gifts of love from Father bring
joy, acceptance, increased faith and deep desire for more intimacy with Him.

MASTERING LIFE:  Breaking free of self-centeredness paves the way for long lasting love relationships.

MASTERING LOVE:  Experiencing Father’s love produces a deep desire to overcome our weaknesses & faults.

MASTERING LIFE:  Many choose to live at the bottom of life experience in fear rather than living at the top of life experience in Father’s love.  Sadness.

MASTERING LOVE:  Wisdom dictates that we identify issues in our life that hinder our ability to receive and
give love and war against those issues until they are conquered.

MASTERING LIFE:  Life takes a giant leap forward when we learn to identify and take dominion over the works of our enemy, satan.

MASTERING LOVE:  Means yielding our heart to love and it requires a healed heart.