Hey!  When you logged into the Blog did you notice the new face lift?  Before you read on, please notice the beautiful mountain picture on the banner page.    Here is a story of another miracle in our midst and Romans 8:28 at work in our lives! 
          Recently, I checked in on the Blog only to find that it wasn’t there!  Time to call David, our webmaster and tech man!   He immediately began to check out the problem.  Thank God, we had not lost all of our data, but we had lost the background that David had originally designed when we launched the Blog.  Aaaah……”No, don’t go there, Gerri,”  I heard Father whisper in my ear! 
            David said, “I guess we will just have to pick another design.  Click here and pick some you like, then call me and I’ll see if one of them will work.”
            Reluctlantly I did as he asked, spending some significant time searching for just the right one that would re-capture what we had before.  Nothing seemed to fit, but out of necessity I chose one.  David put it up and I thought it was a done deal.  The next morning I had an email from David, saying that he had gone out on the web and found a beautiful mountain picture taken just outside Durango, CO.  He loaded it onto the Blog and asked me to check it out!  I was totally amazed when I opened the site and there was the awesome mountain scene that you see on the header today.  What is even more amazing, I recognized where this shot was taken!  Father said, “This is where you are going.  It doesn’t look anything like where you have been, does it?”  
           Friends, there is a big lesson to be learned here.  My first reaction when David explained the problem was one of  F L E S H!  Quickly when I redirected my focus and when I began to let the flesh go and embrace the Spirit,  Father had a beautiful gift for me!  It isn’t just the picture itself, it is the message that He has spoken through that picture.  All things DO work together to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose!
           Hope you will enjoy the new face on the Blog as much as I do!  It is our Colorado Rocky Mountain High!