We are happy to announce that we have published two new eBooks on the website.  The first is entitled The Ministry of Reconciliation and Restitution – Walking in Forgiveness.  It is a subject that is at the very heart of prayer ministry.  Without forgiveness healing cannot come.  It is the greatest gift that Jesus gave on the cross and it is absolutely necessary that we learn well this art if we are to live successfully in His Kingdom.

The second new publish is The Many Faces of Spiritual Rebellion.  We covered this subject in detail in the October webinar.  This eBook will be great review for those who either attended the webinar session or to those who have viewed it by video on the website.  Nearly everyone walks to some degree in spiritual rebellion and this material will help you identify the many ways this stronghold works in our lives.

We hope that you will take time to read the two new eBooks and let us know if they are a blessing to you.   They are available for free download at www.placesinthefathersheart.org.  If the materials we have made available to you on the site are a blessing, we hope you will consider sharing a financial gift or better yet becoming monthly financial partners with Places In The Father’s Heart.  Our goal is never again to merchandise the anointing Father has given us but to continually pass His blessings forward through the ministry here.