True addicts are compulsive, aren’t they?  It doesn’t matter what they are addicted to, they are compulsive.  Common sense, reason, judgment, healthy analysis seems to evaporate as the addiction takes over!  The victims of addiction don’t seem to recognize their downward slide until it is too late and they give in to the demands of their bondage.  In addition, addicts usually become liars, cheats and thieves in order to protect, hide and/or supply their addiction.  Many times they use and abuse other people in their attempt to satisfy their compulsion.  This behavior typically has disastrous, negative consequences on relationships, quality of life and future employment, not to mention the destruction it brings to society as a whole.

In similar fashion there are many Americans who have become addicts, if you will, as a result of the 2016 Presidential election.  Their disappointment has turned to anger and hatred for President Donald Trump and the people who support him!  Radical elements in our society are seizing the opportunity to deepen the self-inflicted destruction of America as we have known it since our founding!  This addiction is compromising their ability to think straight!  To these, the rich are evil, cops are evil, and the military is evil.  Good and honest people cannot be trusted with weapons.  Bad guys use a gun to kill innocent people; therefore honest people must give up their guns.  The next thing these foolish people will come up with is to take away every ones vehicle because drunk drivers kill other people with a vehicle – so no one should be allowed to drive! With that sort of logic, that type of twisted and perverted thinking the bizarre will quickly become common place!

What other absurd examples can you think of?  If you can think, if you have common sense and you can adequately reason that’s evidence that you are not affected by the mesmerizing confusion that has descended on this nation.  To me, that means you must be born again.  However, we better wake up and do it quickly!  If you have one foot in the world and therefore you are not sold out and totally committed to God I believe you are more vulnerable to the twisted lies and deceptions infecting our society!  Choose and please do it now!!

Remember, sin always has a negative consequence no matter who you are!  What we are experiencing as a nation right now is the consequence to our sin.  It will only get worse unless we repent and turn from our wicked, Godless ways!  It is never too late for a person or a nation to repent and embrace God unless you cross His threshold or red line, if you will.  America’s destruction is assured unless we make a quick and dynamic course correction!  Every person should make a personal, quality decision to repent for their sin and commit their lives to a personal relationship with God ASAP!  You have been warned!

Every epidemic that comes along in our society gets the same knee-jerk response, ‘throw money at it!’  Evaluate later but never consider that our sin, our immorality, our rebellion to God has anything to do with our crises.  Therefore, it is impossible to reach a permanent solution.  Sin and its inevitable consequences cannot be defeated without God’s intervention!  We are the key to God’s intervention!  We control that part of our destiny!  Our repentance, our surrender, our obedience, our dedication to Him are the keys we have that open the door for us to His love for us and His power to help us overcome our flesh, our sin, the world and the devil.

Unless God Himself chooses to show up and show out in America on a national scale, our self-destruction will continue.  The absurd is already here demonstrated daily by our leaders.  I believe it is inevitable that we will now see the unthinkable.  Pray.