How do we measure, judge and evaluate God?  What is our foundation when we critique God?  By what authority do we judge and evaluate Him?  How do we measure His character?  How quickly do we forget that He is God and we’re not?  We are one dimensional, we live in today!  He’s not bound by dimensions.  Some of us are concerned about tomorrow because we don’t know what’s coming!  He’s already been there!  Some of us cannot get free of the pain of past trauma! He’s been there too and made healing available to all who will come on His terms!
We ask Him for something and we expect Him to do it in a certain way and even in a certain time frame according to our need.  That’s just common sense!  But there He goes again…off on His own thinking He’s God or something!  He didn’t honor our expectations!  He said ‘no’ to our request or He answered in a completely different way than our common sense expected, or He messed up our timetable, or…or…or…!
So that brings us back to the original question, doesn’t it?  How do we measure, judge and evaluate God?  How we conduct ourselves here can or break our relationship with Him, don’t you think?  If we become antagonistic toward Him we are self-destructing!  The negative consequences will not be pretty!  On the other hand, submission to His will and our humility will bring promotion and a closer relationship with Him!  Living in His love is the true potential treasure available in this life!