When I think of curses, I’m drawn to Adam and Eve.  They unleashed the curse of sin on mankind.  All generations after them were denied the place of privilege that they were created for and love hunger began.  Satan’s greatest accomplishment in the Garden was separating man from God.  Sin always separates.  There are two tragedies here, the introduction of sin to the human existence and the loss of intimate relationship with Father.
After their sin, what was Adam and Eve’s response when they heard God walking in the Garden?  They ran and hid themselves.  Why would they do that?  Adam said it was because they were afraid and naked.  Fear and shame are powerful, negative motivators and they also separate us, even from people we are supposed to love.  This was a new reality for Adam and Eve.  Could this give us a clue as to why today so many people, including Father’s kids, try to avoid Him?  If fear, shame and rebellion are realities in our life, then we are living deep in love hunger.  Stress is the result of the conflict between good and evil that war within us.
 Our lifeline to Heavenly living is found in only one place – Daddy’s arms.  When His love invades the human heart, the curse of love hunger is broken and we have the privilege of returning to that place of intimacy with Father that was lost in the Garden.  Care to go for a walk?
Think about it.  What would life be like without love hunger driving us for satisfaction?  How would our goals and priorities change?  It is hard to imagine the transformation because we cannot reason it out.  It must be experienced because it is spiritual and our flesh wars against the spirit.  Our flesh and our soul usually interfere with the spirit realm and sadly many are defeated in this battle.  The truth is our spirit can and must r
ule over our flesh and our soul.  God is spirit and we are spirit.  We connect with Him in the spirit.  Our life is in the spirit.  Our flesh and soul are blessed because of our spiritual intimacy with God.  Jesus makes it possible for us to return to Father.  Sadly many Christians stop with Jesus when they are born again.  This is tragic because Father must be our destination if we are to fulfill our purpose and destiny in God.  John 14:6 and John 17:3.  If the curse of love hunger is to be broken in us we must experience Father’s love for us.  Father’s love is not simply a teaching, a concept or a belief.  It must be an experience.  Knowing about Father’s love is a teaching not a relationship.  Pursuing Father and developing a conversational relationship with Him will bring wonderful life change.  As He speaks His love and acceptance to you, dramatic change will take place inside you.
Do you worship the God of Heaven way up there or out there som
ewhere, out of touch or do you worship your Heavenly Father that is as close as your breath?  Do we not all need to be loved, accepted, honored, promoted and blessed?  That is what Father has planned for each of us who truly seek Him for intimate relationship.  The curse of love hunger is easily broken in Daddy’s arms.  Remember, life is love and love is life.  This is the essence of creation.
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