Oct 31, 2013

It has been said that one of our great purposes in life is to give  birth to ourselves. We have to find the purpose for which God created us, and allow Him to give birth to it.  Along the way, we must be very careful about what we allow to define us.

Throughout my life, I’ve had my fair lot of heart-wrenching situations, including the loss of loved ones, abandonment, rejection,  and betrayal from those whom I thought were trustworthy friends.  The  list goes on and on. Each of those circumstances tried to paralyze me  and imprison me, defining my destiny.  But, each time, God broke in,  offering me a way to freedom. 

Facing Giants

Every time you are faced with a giant of opposition, you must decide whether you will allow God—or the giant—define who you are and what you will become.

In recent months, the Lord has had me teach several times on David and Goliath. I’ve become intrigued with the fact that the name Goliath         means “expose; reveal.” When the impious Philistine giant came against the nation of Israel, the cowardice of Saul and the Israelites was         exposed, while the courageous, warrior heart of David was revealed.

Life’s giants expose our hearts and character, revealing who we are.  When we face crisis, trials or opposition, those circumstances either         reveal and amplify the greatness of God within us, or expose our weaknesses.

When God’s greatness within you is revealed, run toward the giant with whatever stones God has placed in your hand. And when your eyes are opened to the weaknesses that lie within, you are presented with great opportunity to be made strong in Him (2 Corinthians 12:9-11; Philippians 4:13).

When we position ourselves with the Lord, circumstances around us lose their power to paralyze and imprison us. His love and power         strengthen us. If we humbly yield to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, in time we can overcome our weaknesses, conquer our giant, and  take hold of the inheritance provided by God (Hebrews 9:13-14; 13:20-21).

Let Only God Define You and Your Destiny

You don’t have to let divorce, rejection, disappointment, disability, or any other impious giant define you. The power of the past to   dominate your present and determine your future, is broken by the Blood of Christ.

Choose to be forward-focused and not past-possessed.  Profit from the past, invest in the future. Let those mountains of opposition become         stepping-stones toward your destiny.

Know that when the enemy had you pinned to the mat, and people were counting you out, God was making you into a Joseph, an Esther, a         Paul—for such a time as this! Allow those heart-wrenching circumstance  to shape you into who God has called you to be. Let only God define you and your destiny.

Don’t rob us of the amazing you God made! He deposited something in you we need. You are pre-destined by God to do amazing things. He is calling you to rise up out of the ashes of opposition, face your giants with bold faith, and cross over into your destiny!

How will you respond to that which is revealed when giants take the stage?

Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries
Website: dutchsheets.org