Recently while preparing the table for our Thanksgiving meal, Father gave me some unusual, but clear instructions about how the table was to be set…white tablecloth, black place mats, silver chargers and white dinner plates. Strange, I thought, as these certainly aren’t Fall, harvest colors. But I obeyed and as I was setting each place, I asked Daddy about the center piece.                                             He said, “Get out a crystal tray and place white candles in crystal holders with the crystal cross and set all over a black place mat.”

Center Piece 2


On Thanksgiving morning while in the shower, I was praying about the unrest in Ferguson, MO and Father began to speak to me. He said, “Gerri, this isn’t about black and white, brown and white or red and white. It isn’t about Jew and Gentile, Jew and Arab, man or woman, husband or wife or any other cultural divisions on the earth. THIS IS ABOUT LAWLESSNESS vs. KINGDOM RIGHTEOUSNESS. The black and white that is set on your table for today is representative of the core of the problem and what you are seeing in Ferguson, MO is only a precursor of what is to come. There are 12 candles in the center piece and the number 12 represents divine rule, power and authority. As you light the candles on your center piece today, it will be a prophetic act that carries the power of My Light and it is My Light that will dispel the darkness between lawlessness and Kingdom righteousness worldwide. The ONLY solution to the spirit of lawlessness that is in every culture, every nation, every state, every city, every household and every man is that each man, woman and young person go look in the mirror and ask Me, “Where is the spirit or lawlessness and rebellion to authority active in my life?” Then we must be willing to own it and repent before our Father in Heaven. Beloved, in the USA, this is not a question of black and white – law enforcement vs black men. It is not about some states legalizing the use of marijuana, nor is it about divorce between husband and wife, nor children rebelling against parental authority. At every level, whether it is in our culture, in our government at the federal level, state level, city level, or within our families, one thing is sure, as the head (or authority) goes, so goes the tail. At the core is the issue of how lawlessness is at work in each of US.   The real question is will I choose to live in Kingdom righteousness (white/light) or will I choose to remain lawless and rebellious (black/darkness).