Gerri and I have a marriage relationship that began in lust but has been transformed by Father’s supernatural love that overwhelms all opposition!

Years ago, the Lord said to us, “Where you’re going doesn’t look anything like where you’ve been!”  Now looking back to what we were it is easy to see transformation.  Gerri and I are individually not the same person.  Our ministry is not the same.  Our marriage is certainly not the same!  What happened?  Well…God happened!  The more we committed ourselves to Him the more we changed!  His revelation brought transformation!  We believe this is the maturing process that Father desires for all His kids.  We believe it is called sanctification, and it’s His process of removing sin and self to reveal the treasure He placed within each of us!  In other words, to reveal Jesus that dwells within us if we are born again.

Keep in mind that sin and self are powerful adversaries to our personal relationship with God and therefore potentially a great hindrance to achieving our purpose and destiny as Father has planned it!  In reality, it is continually decision time for each of us.  With our salvation comes the power to defeat sin and self, all of satan’s works and the draw of the world.  But the power only manifests when we choose righteously!  What is your choice today?

Do we dare honestly evaluate our choices, our priorities, our values, our emotions, and our attitudes?  Do we honestly want to see how much of who and what we are daily (falls into satan’s camp) so we can repent, receive forgiveness and move deeper into Father’s Kingdom?  Our place of honor as Father’s children is ours.  Should we not make every effort to live up to that place of privilege and be diligent and work at removing anything and everything from our life that brings dishonor to Father’s Kingdom?  Doesn’t it seem right to allow Him to mold and make us into His image and do our part to help Him accomplish His plans for mankind?  Time’s awastin’, and we only get to do this once.  So onward Christian soldiers and take up the battle to defeat Father’s enemies starting with self!