The greatest privilege we have is to host the presence of God. This is something that we must learn…to be a person that God will rest upon. He is in all of us by covenant; He will never leave us. But He does not rest upon all of us. It says of Jesus that the Spirit came upon Him in the form of a dove “and remained.” He is in me for my sake, but He is upon me for yours. When the Lord rests upon a person, there is an atmospheric change that takes place wherever that person goes.   
              As our own faith increases, in tandem with our measure of realized authority, there is a greater weight of presence that we are allowed to carry into an environment. Peter’s shadow healed people as a perfect example of this principle.
       In learning to host the presence of the Lord we quickly discover that there is a tension between two realities. One is that He has been given to us without measure. Our “measured” experience is due to our limitations. All measurements are set on our end of the equation. On the other hand, we get to enjoy only the measure of presence we are willing to jealously guard~ which means to pay a price to protect. The whole kingdom is based on this principle: the faithful use of what you have been given is what qualifies you for more. This includes the manifestation of His presence upon us.