When was the last time you paused, looked in the mirror and took a personal inventory?  Is that a pleasant thought?  If not, why not?  Your response to my question may be the first indicator that you have a need!  It is my understanding and belief that we, as God’s kids, should always be in transition from our life of death, flesh, and the world to our new life of love, spirit, and Heaven!  In other words, we should always be in transition from self-centeredness to being God-centered!  In order to do that we must be bold and sincere to confront those attitudes, beliefs and actions that are ungodly and bring them to the Cross of Christ where they can be defeated, releasing us to take another step into our new life as a Child of the Most High God! Please do not let fear and/or rebellion hinder or ruin your sanctification process!  The power of Father’s love comes upon us when we truly repent and turn away from our sin!  So if and when we think ‘I can’t forgive that person (including self) or I can’t stop doing this or that,’ we are living in the power of lies from our flesh and the devil.  One self-determined, bold step to confront our sin can lead us to a victorious experience with God that overwhelms our ungodly beliefs and opinions that continually hold us back from fulfilling our God-given purpose and destiny!  The power of Father’s love will overwhelm all opposition if given the opportunity!

I have jotted down two partial lists of positive and negative attributes for your consideration.  Hopefully you will sincerely dive in here and ask Holy Spirit to partner with you for honest evaluation and even discovery.  He may have some surprises in store for you.  After all, He loves you and knows exactly what you need to continue in your transformation process.  I hope you realize that any participation you may have with the list of ungodly characteristics is self-defeating and opens the door for demonic participation in our lives,  not to mention the fact that any and all sin results in negative consequences every time!  I sincerely hope you will embrace the challenge here and see it as an opportunity for a new life experience.



Angry, raging, violent, abusive, murderer
Envious, jealous
Fearful, anxious, stressed
Lustful and sexual sin of all kinds
Dishonoring and disrespectful
Gossiper, backbiter, talebearer
Liar, cheater, thief
Performance orientated
Prideful and arrogant
Stingy and a taker
Self-hater and low self-esteem
Guilty and shameful
Critical and judgmental
Distant and disengaged


Honorable and respectful
Righteous and holy
Peaceful and restful
Joyous and happy
Of high character and integrity
Meek and gentle
Honest and truthful
Giver and receiver
Caring and servant’s heart
High Self-esteem and Godly identity
Encourager and helpful