I am an endless fountain of love, mercy, and provision. You will never find the end of my love for you. Regardless of how long you have walked with me, there are always new pathways to discover. Ask me, and I will lead you into greater encounters of glory, revelation, and holy bliss.

Tangible realities of my nearness are available to those who dare to believe, who are willing to take the time to search for my face, and who aren’t content with occasional encounters, but desire something more. Think of the most radical stories you’ve heard of when heaven invaded earthly lives, then take to heart the fact that I want even more for you. There is no limit to my love, no limit to how deep you can go. Impatience will try to squeeze you into an awareness of time, but you must come to me and stay in my presence. Stay there until all sense of time and space fades into the distance and you’re swept into the currents of my glory. Beloved, set aside time for me. Make our relationship your priority.


I Hear His Whisper written by Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez