I don’t have to ask anymore, “Father was that You?” I know His voice. I drop everything and I run, run to Him. Faster and faster, I run to His house and I know I don’t have to knock. I grab the larger-than-life handle on the front door and as if with supernatural strength, I pull open the gigantic door and pass to the inside of His house. I run past the Throne Room where the 24 elders, the angels and the thousands upon ten thousands worship. Kicking off my shoes as I continue down the long portico, I am racing out of breath and feeling the sense of boundless anticipation that in just a few more seconds, I will be on His lap…there where He has bid me “come.”

Thoughts race through my mind as I wonder, ‘what could He want?’ I arrive at the door to His chamber and pause in my stocking feet to check out my white dress with blue satin sash and run my fingers through my messy hair. With heart pounding, I tap gently on the chamber door and I immediately hear Him gently say, “Enter.” As I slowly open the door, my heart still racing with anticipation, there He is sitting in that familiar over-stuffed brown leather chair.   Smiling the smile that only can come from His face, He says to me, “I’m so glad you’ve come.”

I leap across the floor and in two or three gigantic steps I bound up into His lap and into the most incredible embrace ever known to mankind. No words need speaking at this moment. The embrace is so fulfilling to us both it continues for a very long time. Wrapped here in His arms the power of His love infuses my entire being.

“Daddy,” I whisper, “do You have anything to say to me? Why have You called me to come?”

“There’s no other reason Beloved One, except I want to feel your embrace. I want to feel the incredible joy that comes when you hear My call and you come. I just want to hold you and love you. Thank you for coming.”

“Oh Daddy,” I reply as I looked into the depth of His eyes looking back at me, “How is it that my coming brings You so much joy? How is it that the pleasure of my company means so much to You, my Father?”

“Dear one,” He responded, “This is what I created you for. I need you as much as you need Me. I need the pleasure of your undivided attention and the pleasure of your company.”

Then gently He releases me from His lap and instinctively I know it is time to go. Oh, I’d be back very soon for another love fest, but for now I knew that it was time for me leave His chamber, put my shoes back on and return to His Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven. I have only one mission…to give away the love I’d just received during that time in His lap to the next person I would meet.

This is what I live for, Daddy…the rhythm of receiving and giving away your love as a gift of my worship to You.