Recently we received a distressing email from a couple we dearly love. As Gerri and I were discussing the situation, out of my mouth came, “Until she gives up the right to be angry, bitter and unforgiving, nothing is going to change.” I instantly knew this was a Holy Spirit thing and I knew that it was for me. I also knew the very situation it applied to in my own life. Although challenging and without feelings coming first, I asked Gerri to agree with me as I chose to give up my right to be angry, bitter and unforgiving towards two people who have continuously hurt Gerri.

As we prayed the love and forgiveness of Father (His nature) began to break and replace my anger, bitterness and unforgiveness (satan’s nature) and once again I’ve been rescued from myself by the intervention and grace of God. I humbly receive Father’s Heavenly gift and now in turn offer it to you.

Are you willing to ask Holy Spirit to show you any situation where you are harboring anger, bitterness or unforgiveness toward anyone or any situation? No matter how difficult the choice might be, the right choice invites Father’s love into your life once again. The wrong choice, the self-centered choice, the demonic choice is to refuse to give up your right to be angry, bitter, unforgiving, judgmental, critical and so on. Obviously the wrong choice invites satan to participate in your life and thus this choice is self-defeating and bondage will remain.

In some situations emotional and spiritual healing may be necessary in order to experience complete freedom. However, Father’s pathway to freedom and maturity lies just before you. The right choice puts your feet on that path: “Father, I give up my right to ______________. I choose Heaven instead of hell. I choose You instead of myself. I choose to forgive.”