So often we are asked how do I receive the Father’s love. I can’t seem to get over the wall to find it. We always suggest reading the materials on our website.   They are free and will help you to build a foundation in the message of Father’s love. Secondly, you must decide to pursue His love for you. The scripture tells us “when you pursue Him, He will pursue you.” You must make this your magnificent obsession! When you do that, you WILL find Him and His love for you.

Intimacy is the key. He wants your undivided attention, so when you spend time with Him, it is NOT what you DO during that time, it is rather how you ARE with Him. Are you always asking Him for something? If so, He becomes nothing more than your ‘sugar Daddy.’ Are you always reading the Word during your time with Him. Are you praying about something or for someone? If so, then you are ‘doing’ something in your time with Him. While those things are good things, they are not giving Him your undivided attention; you are ‘doing’ something in His presence! True intimacy is just ‘BEING’ with Him; being still and knowing He is God and completely resting in His presence. This is NOT an easy thing. It requires practice, practice, practice. It requires just what the scripture says, “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD.”

Here are some suggestions that have helped us grow in our intimacy with Him. We approach our quiet times with Him in rest, quieting our minds (soul, “shut up!”) and just letting Him TALK TO US! Here are three primary questions you can ask and let Him answer for you during your intimate times with Him:

  1. Father, Abba, or Daddy, “What do You want to say to me?
  2. Father, Abba, or Daddy, “How do You see me?
  3. Father, Abba, or Daddy, Do You love me?

If you will choose to take a journal and a pen and just go be WITH Him and let Him do the talking to answer these questions and then write down what He says to you, your journey into intimacy will begin. If you are unsure about what you write, submit it to someone you trust and ask them to judge whether what you have written is from Father or not. If there is accusation against you, it comes from satan, the accuser of the brethren. If what you have written is something you would say about yourself, then it is from you! If, however, you truly find a love letter from your Heavenly Father, it will always bring you His love, encouragement and edification. It won’t sound like something you would write or say about yourself!

Once you begin to practice this simple exercise, you will find that you want more and more of it because it is His love coming to you. Your only choice then is to RECEIVE HIS LOVE and then give it away to the next person you meet. The more you make this choice, the more of His love you will receive and the more your faith will grow because the Word says, “Faith comes through love.”